Resist Me(9)

By: Chelle Bliss

If I hadn’t been plastered by an abundance of Jack and Coke, I wouldn’t have been seduced by him and ended up in his bed…against the wall…on the floor.

Fuck. Why did he have to call James? My stomach started to flutter, a wave of nervousness filling my body. My leg began to shake, a nervous habit I had when I couldn’t control a situation, as I sat there and listened.

Maybe I wouldn’t have to see him. Oh God, please don’t let me have to see him. Maybe they’d devise a plan to get me out and that would be that. I closed my eyes, fell back on to the bed, and stared at the ceiling. I listened while crazy scenarios played in my mind.

Maybe James wouldn’t help because I’d hit it and quit it. Would he be that cruel?

Maybe he’d want payback with me on my hands and knees as a thank-you for my rescue. The sound of that wasn’t bad, but I would be subservient to no one, and certainly not James.

“Yeah. I can find a way to get her on my bike after we leave here,” Tommy said, sitting down next to me. He scowled at me, maybe having heard something from James about what had happened that night. “Okay. I’ll have her text you when we’re leaving the bar, and you handle it from there. I trust you, James. Only you. She needs to be safe and brought home. She shouldn’t be here. Can you do that for me, brother?” He stood again and walked into the bathroom, closing the door.

I exhaled, letting go of the breath I had been holding while thinking about James. I didn’t like the sound of this one bit. I closed my eyes and tried to block out the sound of the outside world and focus on Tommy’s voice, but it was no use. I couldn’t hear a fucking thing over my heart beating like the drummer in Anthony’s band. I wanted to run in the bathroom and throw up, but I stayed glued to the bed, waited for my brother, and closed my eyes.

The sound of the bathroom door smacking against the wall made me jump. I sat up quickly, looking toward the noise to see Tommy staring at me.

I gave him a fake smile and tilted my head. “Everything worked out?” I asked, my voice hoarse as I tried to hide my curiosity.

“Fucking perfect,” he grumbled as he moved toward the window, peeking through the now yellowed, sheer drapes. “How well do you know James?” he asked, turning to me.

“Um,” I said. Fuck. Lie—do not tell him the truth. “I met him at Joey’s wedding. He brought your card and we had a drink together.” I kept the fake smile plastered on my face, speaking quickly so as not to trip over my words.

“Just a drink?”

“Maybe two,” I replied, still smiling as my eyebrows shot up. God, I was horrible at the angel act.

“James seemed to be very interested in helping get you out of here. Maybe a little too eager,” he complained as he moved to stand in front of me.

I looked up at him. He could be intimidating, but he’d always be just my brother. I didn’t have anything to fear from him, but I wouldn’t tell him about my night with James. No fucking way.

“He’s your friend, Tommy. Naturally, he wants to help out. You called him for a favor, and as any good friend would do, he agreed to help.”

Tommy shook his head, a grin slowly spreading across his face. “You’ve never been a good liar, Izzy. I’ll kick his fucking ass if he tries anything with you.” One of his eyebrows rose and the muscles in his jaw ticked. “No one touches my sister,” he warned, the tiny grin disappearing.

“Thomas, I’m not a child. We had a couple of drinks, and even if I wanted more—which I don’t,” I insisted as I stood. “But if I did…it wouldn’t be any of your business.” I poked him in the chest, driving the point home.

His head dropped, his eyes staring at my finger as I held it against his chest. A rumble started underneath my finger and bubbled out through his mouth. He threw his head back, his laughter filling the room before he looked back at me.

“Izzy, love,” he said, grabbing my face, his blue eyes shining with tears. “That has be one of the funniest damn things you’ve ever said.”

“What the fuck? It wasn’t funny.” I poked him harder and with my nail. “I’m a woman now, if you haven’t noticed. I make my own decisions.” I tilted my head and glowered at him.

He was still laughing as he wiped his eyes. He shook his head as he spoke. “You’ll always be my little sister. Flash is going to get his ass kicked.” His laughter died. “He won’t know why, but I will. He’ll be hurting because I know he dirtied you. He’s not worthy of you.”

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