Seduced By The British Billionaire

By: Tasha Blue

Chapter 1

Trembling, Amber Baptiste fumbled to open the seal of the letter, which was addressed to her best friend Sasha Williams. In her heart she already knew what it was going to say: and she wasn’t prepared to break it to her. As the flap opened, revealing the official government letter, those heart-wrenching words written clearly in bold lettering.

It is my painful duty to inform you…

Tears moistened her eyes as her breathing grew heavy. The reality of it all was almost too much to handle. It seemed like only yesterday that Russell’s strong, commanding personality had walked through the door of their small apartment after a hard day at PT. His brilliant smile was enough to warm the heart of anyone. But now, that was all gone.

Sasha saw Amber’s tears and began to cry, her dark brown eyes filled with fear. It started out as a steady stream whilst she choked back the question she was too afraid to ask. She licked the salty droplets as they landed on her beautiful ebony lips while Amber continued to read the letter, her heart shaking in her chest from the grief.

“It is my painful duty to inform you,” her voice quivered, nearly breaking beyond the point of audibility. “That your husband, Lieutenant Russell William of the United States army, was killed in action on January 3, 2013.” She couldn’t read any further as Sasha began hysterically crying, her sobs heaving until she could barely breathe.

“I’m so sorry,” Amber begged to the silent air, hoping that perhaps she could find the will within her to remain strong. She wrapped her arms tightly around her best friend. The feeling of helplessness washed over her until she felt lost within an empty void.

The two women shared the same birthday and had remained best friends even now at twenty-seven. They did everything together and were nearly inseparable. She had been there for Sasha before her first date with Russell. She had suggested the color blue because it was Russell’s favorite. She had been maid of honor for their small quaint little wedding and saw them off for their honeymoon. Even their first fight, she held Sasha in her arms as she cried tears – much different to the ones now. And lastly, she had planned out the baby shower of their precious baby boy, expected to arrive in under a month. Sadly, all of that didn’t seem to matter now.

Stricken by insurmountable grief, Sasha began to weep loudly to the brink of screaming. Her face fell into Amber’s bosom as she caressed her head.

“Hush, my love,” Amber stroked her hair, blinking back the threatening tears. She refused to fall apart; she had to stay strong for Sasha. But the emotional barrier was so intense that it took everything in her to keep herself contained. “Cry my love. Just let it all out. I’m here for you,” she cooed, willing her spirit to wash over the small shaking frame in her arms.

It was all she could do for her, and this stage of pain was the hardest. Denial would quickly settle in once the initial shock of sadness was over. Amber was prepared for this. It would take all she had within her heart and soul, but she would be there through thick and thin. Sasha was going to get through this, have a healthy baby boy and live her life happily.

A knock at the door interrupted the woeful atmosphere. Amber tucked a pillow beneath her friend’s head and almost tripped over the TV cord before making it through the hall and to the front door. The apartment wasn’t overly lavish with furniture, it was quaint and homey with windows beaming in the sunshine from outside. Pictures adorned the walls of memories long ago. The coffee table, next to the floral couch, had carvings in it from other years and homes it had once resided in. Light blue walls created almost a beach-like atmosphere, which was the theme Sasha was going for. She loved the beach. Seashells and starfish were everywhere, from the candle-holders to the drink coasters.

Glancing through the peephole, Amber’s eyes settled on a head of medium brown that complimented deep sea blue eyes. He was too close to see his face in its entirety. Momentarily she questioned whether or not to open the door, but in light of the recent unfortunate event, she decided to see what he wanted.

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