Shade's Fall(5)

By: Jamie Begley

“Finished for the day?” The pretty member of The Last Riders was extremely feminine and petite, making Lily feel like a gauche fifteen-year-old. She gave her an open smile until her eyes went behind her back and a frown replaced it on her face.

“Yes, have a good weekend, Bliss.”

Lily turned her head and saw Rider and Shade staring back at her with cool smiles. Thinking she had mistaken the worried frown, she started out the door then paused, staring down at the outfit Bliss was wearing. The blue jean shorts were tiny as well as the swimsuit top that tied between her breasts. The tat on her breast drew her attention until Bliss hurried past her into the factory.

Lily waved her hand goodbye, closing the door behind her.

She climbed into her car, whistling, relieved to be away from Shade, who managed the factory and its workers. Being in his presence every day the past summer was getting on her nerves. She couldn’t believe she was looking forward to school starting back in a month. She had thought she would dread it with Penni graduating in May, but now it couldn’t come soon enough.

Beth and Razer, The Last Riders, and even Sex Piston’s crew believed she was a walking, talking disaster waiting to happen, regardless of how many times she reminded them that none of the incidents she invariably became involved in were her fault. She simply always managed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. It wasn’t her fault that it happened a lot.

One incident, three months ago, resulted in her almost dying. Ever since then, Shade had watched over her like she was Typhoid Mary and he was just waiting to see what catastrophe would strike next.

Lily didn’t want to hurt Beth’s feelings; however, Razer’s friend was a real jerk. She felt guilty as soon as the word crossed her mind. She tried to find the best in people, but Shade made it really hard.

The familiar strain of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” sounded from her purse right as Lily was about to pull out of the parking lot. She put the car in park before she reached inside her purse for the ringing cell phone.

“What’s up?” Lily asked, seeing her sister’s name on the caller I.D.

“Lily, are you still at the factory?” Beth asked.

“Yes.” Lily didn’t tell her she was sitting in the parking lot, ready to pull out.

“Is Rider there?”

“Yes, he’s talking to Shade and Bliss.”

“Oh.” Beth paused. “That’s probably why he’s not answering his phone.”

“Yes,” Lily said without hesitation.

“Can you do me a favor?” Beth’s sister sounded tired and frustrated. “My car is broken down at Ms. Langley’s house. Can you ask Rider if he can bring the trailer to pick it up? Razer and Viper are going to meet him here to help. They were at the grocery store when I called. I told him I’d call Rider and get him to meet them at her house.”

“No problem. I’ll tell him right now,” Lily offered.

“Thanks. I’ll see you later.” Beth disconnected the call.

Lily backed into the lot, parking again. Getting out of the car, she went toward the factory with her thoughts on her sister. Opening the door, she came to a stop.

Rider was standing behind Bliss, his arm around her waist with his hand splayed across her bare stomach. Bliss’s face was filled with uninhibited excitement as she looked at Shade who was standing a few inches away, staring back at Bliss. Both men had expressions of desire written plainly across their faces.

A shard of pain went through Lily’s brain at the same time that the metal door closed with a loud snap, and the tableau turned to stare at her standing at the doorway.

“Uh, um.” Lily had to force herself to focus, trying to get her mind in working order. “Rider, Beth’s car is broken down at Mrs. Langley’s house. She needs you to bring the trailer. Excuse me,” she explained her presence to the three frozen in place before turning tail and running. Her hand hit the metal door rail and the door flew open. Lily ran to her car, her face flaming at overreacting and making a fool of herself as always.

She opened her car door hastily, getting back inside. She was reversing out of the parking lot when she saw Shade, Rider and Bliss come out of the factory. She waved at them before turning her car to exit out of the parking lot.

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