Shade's Fall(6)

By: Jamie Begley

Lily took deep breaths; a headache was beginning, making driving difficult. Reaching into her purse, not taking her eyes off the road, she searched for her sunglasses. Finding them, she slid them on, hoping it would help the headache that was threatening to make her vomit.

Her hands tightened on the steering wheel while she continued to take deep breaths then released them several times, focusing on her breathing and not on the look on the two men’s faces with Bliss between them. Shards of pain again attacked her at the mere thought.

Starting over, she redirected her thoughts, making herself mentally remember what had gone into each order she had filled that day.

She had just finished reciting her fifth order when she thankfully pulled into the driveway of the house she shared with Beth and Razer. Breathing a sigh of relief, Lily got out of her car, going to the door and unlocking it.

Turning on the lights, the tension lessened as she entered the home she had been raised in since her adoption. Shutting the front door, she grabbed a bottled water from the refrigerator in the kitchen before then going upstairs to her room.

The soothing colors of her room relieved her nerves even further. Going to the medicine cabinet, she took out a prescription bottle and removed a pill, swallowing it with another drink of the bottled water she had carried upstairs.

Returning to her bedroom, she slipped off her shoes before lying down on her bed that she made every morning before she went downstairs. She pulled the small quilt her mother had made for her that lay on the bottom of her bed over her, rubbing her cheek against the soft material, letting the pill she had taken make her drowsy.

Closing her eyes, she drifted off, escaping the migraine and the look on Shade’s face as he’d watched Rider hold Bliss.

* * *

Lily awoke from her nap with her headache gone. Finally feeling well enough to wash the smell of the factory off, she took a shower, washing her long hair. Afterward, she dressed in over-large sweat pants and a large t-shirt that hung on her body then brushed her wet hair, leaving it to dry naturally.

Going downstairs barefoot, she found her sister and Razer sitting at the table, eating dinner.

“Are you hungry? I kept a plate warm for you.” Beth’s eyes searched hers as she started to rise from the table.

“No, thanks, maybe later.” Lily picked up a glass from the counter, pouring herself a glass of tea before going into the living room and curling up on the sofa. Flicking on the television, she searched for a program to watch as she listened to Beth and Razer doing the dishes.

Beth eventually came over and sat down on the sofa next to her. “What are you watching?”

“A cooking show.” Lily saw the concerned look on her sister’s face. “Is something wrong?”

“No. No, I guess not,” Beth answered; her eyes looked over Lily’s shoulder then returned to hers. “Razer and I were going to the clubhouse, if it’s all right with you?”

“Of course,” Lily answered.

Beth sighed, getting to her feet and then going upstairs as Razer sat down in the chair next to the couch.

Lily liked Razer. He was laid back and always friendly with her while being a grouch to everyone else.

“How was work today?” he asked casually.

“Fine.” Lily shrugged, not taking her eyes off the television screen. “I’m glad you and Beth are going out. You haven’t been to a party at the clubhouse since I came home from the hospital.” She’d had the misfortune of stopping by Sex Piston’s when both her and T.A.’s exes had decided to rob them.

During the robbery, her hand had been broken and she had developed a hematoma when she had hit her head. Since then, both Beth and Razer had been overprotective. They hadn’t left her one night by herself. Before, they would spend most of their weekends at the clubhouse.

Their new home they were building themselves was even situated behind the clubhouse. It was almost finished and Lily hadn’t been invited to even see it yet.

Her fingers went to the red rubber band on her wrist, snapping it against her flesh.

“What’s bothering you, Lily?”

Razer’s concerned gaze met hers. She gave him a reassuring smile but didn’t confide her hurt feelings at not being invited to the house. She hadn’t wanted to foist herself on them without being invited.

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