Stepbrother Needs

By: Chloe Hawk


I couldn’t concentrate on anything but her.

Her hair, her smile, her soft skin and the curve of her hips. Those big tits and that tight little ass, shown off in a dress that was too small for her. She was driving me insane – so insane that I’d had to take her in the closet, let her know she was mine if I wanted.

Her pussy had been warm and wet, stretching out around me as I fucked her with my fingers. The head of my dick would have been better, and I imagined what it would feel like, sliding into my stepsister’s tight little hole.

My cock twitched in my pants. I shouldn’t have pulled her into that closet, shouldn’t have made her come like that on my fingers. But I couldn’t handle seeing her with that asshole Ruskin. He was a douchebag. And Avery was mine.

But she’s not yours, Cole. She can never be yours.

“Cole!” Kalia practically yelled in my face. “Are you even listening to me?”

“Of course,” I lied. I wasn’t listening to her. I couldn’t focus on anything but Avery. She was over in the corner talking to Jeffrey Adams now, although there were so many people in the room I couldn’t get a good look at them. It made me anxious as fuck when I couldn’t see Avery, even more so when she was talking to another man.

I took a swig of the drink in my hand and wondered how long I should let them talk before I went over there and punched him out.

“And you have nothing to say?” Kalia demanded. She was wearing a long black and gold dress, her blonde hair pulled back from her face to show off her bright blue eyes and delicate features. Every man who walked by stared at her, that’s how beautiful she was.

I’d fucked her the first night I’d met her, and any time I’d wanted since. I could leave with her right now if I wanted, take her to my apartment, or to hers, and screw her all night. But ever since my stepsister had come back into my life, Kalia did nothing for me. No one did. Except for Avery.

“Nothing to say about what?” I asked Kalia, stalling for time. The crowd across the room parted a bit, and I watched as Jeffrey leaned in and whispered something to Avery. My hand tightened around my drink. I didn’t like him getting so close to her.

“Cole!” Kalia raged.

I sighed, annoyed that I was being forced to deal with this. Sleeping with my assistant had been a bad idea, especially with my tendency to get bored of women so easily. And although I hadn’t made Kalia any promises, she obviously hadn’t understood. I hadn’t even invited her here. She’d shown up unannounced, claiming she saw it on my schedule and just assumed she’d be needed. She wasn’t completely wrong – usually I would have asked her to accompany me, but I’d brought Avery instead.


“You’re not listening to me.”

Yeah, no shit. “I am listening.” I wondered if I was going to have to fire her. It would be a shame. She was a good assistant.

“Then can you please answer my question?”

“Can you please repeat it?”

“I said are you coming over tonight?”

“No.” Jeffrey was leaning in even further now, and I watched his eyes roaming over Avery’s tits. I shouldn’t have let her wear that dress out of the house. But I liked looking at her in it. My cock twitched again, thinking about how it would feel to fuck those tits, to shoot a nice load of cum all over her nipples.

“Why not?” Kalia demanded.

“Because.” I was through making excuses. Excuses would just prolong the inevitable truth -- that I was done with her.

“You’re a real asshole, Cole,” she said.

“I know.” But I wasn’t listening, and she knew it. She followed my gaze across the room to where Avery was standing.

“What is she doing here?” she asked. “She’s only the second assistant!”

“I brought her.” I took another swig of my drink.

“For what? She doesn’t know how do anything yet.”

I shrugged. “Go home, Kalia,” I said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I drained the rest of my drink and set the empty glass down on a nearby table. And then I went to go get Avery.


Jeffrey’s breath smelled like beer, and I tried to pull away from him, but he herded me over to the side of the room.

“Relax, Avery,” he said.

I tasted bile in the back of my mouth. Relax, Avery. That’s what he’d said to me that summer day. I could still remember the sun beating down on my shoulders, the sky so blue, the humidity so heavy in the air that it made my clothes stick to my skin. That day, and Jeffrey, were the reasons I hated summer, why I got depressed when the sun was out, why I preferred days that were cold and gloomy.

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