By: Jamie Begley


The sound of the door opening barely registered in her cloudy mind. She was no longer able to wonder about or be afraid of who was entering the room. Sawyer felt completely detached from her body. A body that was unable to respond to her commands.

The stray strand of hair that had fallen across her eyes had become an irritant, but she had been unable to raise her hand to brush it away.

Someone would come every so often and carry her limp body to the bathroom and order her to use the toilet. She had been shamed to the core of her soul to have to use it in front of the man watching from the doorway. He hadn’t even bothered to shut the door, leaving it open so that anyone passing by could see within the room.

Her full bladder had her wishing someone would come soon; even the humiliating experience was better than suffering with the basic desire to relieve herself. So far, she had managed not to wet herself, but she didn’t know how much longer before that humiliation would happen.

The light coming on in the room had her jerking involuntary; the pain in her eyes from the light was like shards of glass. A low whimper escaped her dry mouth.

“Shut the fuck up,” the hateful voicesaid from the foot of the cot she was handcuffed to.

Sawyer felt movement next to her as the man brushed against her cot before he leaned over the cot next to hers. She hadn’t been able to make out the woman handcuffed to the cot next to her, or the other women in the room. All she heard was their crying in the dark. Several of them called out in their terror for their family. Sawyer knew because she had awoken several times herself, crying a name. It was the same name every time she had awoken to the discovery she had been kidnapped.


She was the only family she had left, and they weren’t even related by blood. They were friends who had grown up together, becoming as close as sisters. They even shared a rundown apartment in the same neighborhood that they had grown up in, in Queen City, Texas.

Sawyer finally managed to turn her head, seeing the man who had taken her to the bathroom, going from cot to cot, turning the women so he could look at them.

“Dammit to hell! Get your ass in here!”

“What are you yelling for?”

“You left marks on every fucking one of them! I told you not to leave marks! What in the fuck am I supposed to do now?”

“What does it matter?” The sullen voice roused Sawyer from falling back asleep, but the pain in her bladder needed to be relieved.

“Redman’s a woman short. One got sick, vomiting everywhere. We can’t have them puking while someone’s trying to fuck them.”

“What are we supposed to do?”

“We were supposed to send one of these cunts, but you’ve got them so bruised up we can’t send any of them. Briggs is going to kick your ass.”

“He doesn’t have to know. There has to be one in here that’s not marked.”

“I’ve looked at every fucking one of them asswipe. What are you going to do?”

“Me?” Tommy’s voice had an edge of fear. Sawyer felt a spurt of satisfaction.

“Yeah, you.”

Sawyer drifted away again, but the cramp in her belly woke her back up.

“Please, I need to use the restroom,” she moaned.

“I told you to shut up!”

“I have to go.” Sawyer began crying. If they didn’t take her, she wouldn’t be able to hold it much longer, and she couldn’t bear the humiliation of peeing on herself.


Sawyer felt the metal cuff around her wrist open, and then her wrist fell numbly by her side. A rough hand jerked her up, half-carrying and half-dragging her across the tiled floor. Pushing her into the bathroom, he stood in the doorway, watching as she fumbled with the sweatpants she had woken up wearing.

“She doesn’t have a mark on her,” Tommy said.

“We can’t send her. Briggs said Digger has plans for her.”

“How long does Redman need the woman for his client?”

“Just for tonight.”

“Digger doesn’t even have to know.”

“She’s not even trained yet.”

“We’ll give her another dose. It’ll keep her quiet. She doesn’t have to be trained to fuck; she just has to keep her legs open.” Both men laughed as she finished, almost falling over while pulling up her sweatpants.

“Get her dressed then. I’ll call Redman and tell him she’ll be ready in thirty.”

Chapter One

“How’s everything going on the road?” Grace asked.

“Couldn’t be better,” Kaden answered, absently stroking the back of one of the women in bed with him. After the concert, he had picked two from the mass of followers, who trailed after them from concert to concert, hoping for the chance to come into contact with the band members.

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