The Billionaire's Fraud Fiance

By: Mia Caldwell

Chapter 1 (Jasmine)

I knew it was wrong of me, but I couldn't help myself. That asshole instructor stared at my boobs and my butt every time I came to spin class. So, this week I wore the lowest-cut exercise top I could find to the gym. It was cut off under the boobs, and my exercise pants were a size too small. My twin sister, Jade, just shook her head with disgust when she saw how I was dressed. While she was taking a yoga class, I'd be in the spin studio trying to give the instructor a hard on.

I felt his eyes on me the moment I stepped into the room. And when he called everyone to get started, I seductively mounted my bike, keeping my eyes locked on his the entire time. Throughout the workout, whenever I sensed I had his attention, I delicately dabbed the sweat off my boobs with my towel. And each time he told us to stand on the bike for the mountain climb, arched my back like I was about to orgasm, looked him straight in the eye like I was on top of him in bed, and cycled for all I was worth.

The class was half an hour long, and his face got progressively redder as the minutes ticked past. By the time class was over, he was as bright as a tomato, and I noticed the he didn't get off his bike until after everyone had left the spin studio. What a loser.

With a satisfied smirk, I grabbed my drink bottle and sauntered toward the yoga studio where Jade would be finishing up soon. Then we'd go and have a sauna.

Typical Jade—going for a yoga class while all I wanted was to work up a sweat and feel like I'd gotten somewhere with my workout.

“Yoga is very effective,” she would say to me whenever I teased her that she was taking the easy way out.

I'd always felt competitive when it came to my twin. I didn’t know why; it just happened that way. Don't get me wrong, I loved Jade more than anything in this world, and I'd do anything for her. But Jade was born minutes before me, making her the oldest by default, and with everyone we'd meet, she’d always introduce us and let it be known that she was the oldest. Maybe she thought that made her more special than me.

“This is my twin sister, Jasmine,” she would say. “I'm the oldest and I take care of her.”

I'd smile sweetly when she said it, and the next thing anyone would say was how they couldn't tell us apart. And that was so true. We were identical down to the last feature. We used to spend ages looking in a mirror together to try to work out what was different. Even we couldn't find differences. Maybe my eyes were slightly larger or her hair was a tad bit thicker, but it was so negligible that even our parents got confused.

We went through a phase when we were teenagers of trying to look like opposites. Mom used to dress us the same but in different colors, but once we had the choice we went for polar opposite styles. Jade went for sophistication and I went for whacky. Jade straightened her hair and I got a mohawk.

In the end, long after our college days and when we lived in different towns, we didn't have to try to look different. At last we were individuals. I had no “big sister” to look out for me. I was my own person, and being an individual was great while it had lasted. But every time I met up with Jade, I'd notice that we were gravitating back to wearing the same style of clothes. Which was weird, because it wasn't planned.

The freakiest thing of all was that one day I met up with Jade, the day she told me she was moving back to town, and, believe it or not, we were back to looking exactly alike. We even had exactly the same hairstyle—shoulder length extensions with a middle part. We couldn't believe it.

With Jade moving back to our hometown, we decided to get an apartment together. That was three years ago. Three very happy years, I might add. Until, that is, I lost my job and Jade started getting all “big sister” on me and wanted to keep tabs on what I was doing to get a new job.

The truth was, I was pleased to have been laid off from work. I had been a senior secretary in a law company that had suddenly downsized and gotten rid of all their top secretaries so that there was just one to serve the remaining three lawyers. The most senior of all the secretaries got to keep her job. I wasn't happy about that, because she may have had seniority, but I could do her job standing on my head. But, in the final analysis, it was time to move on, time to start something new and more exciting. I hadn't worked out what that was, but I was getting there.

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