The Billionaire's Payment(10)

By: Alexis Moore

“What about the money that—?”

“I can work something out with your father. He doesn’t retire for a few years yet and is due a substantial payout when he does.” Jared’s voice hardened as he continued, “He plans on buying a vineyard in the south of France. That won’t happen now.”

I suddenly felt so light headed I had to sit down or fall. I clutched the handcuffs to my breasts, grateful for their reviving coolness. “So I don’t have to sleep with you?”

The light in his eyes seem to dim. He reached out and stroked the side of my face. “Only if you want to.”

“Oh Jared, I do!” For a moment I feared that he’d make me leave without finishing what he’d started.

“Then handcuff me and prove it to me.” His eyes seemed to shine again as I moved to comply. “Do what you want to do with me because when these handcuffs come off, I will take full control.”

“What do I do now?”

“Anything you want.”

“You tell me,” I begged him. I didn’t know a thing.

“Did you like me sucking on your nipples earlier?”

“Yes,” I whispered. God, yes!

“Then take your pleasure,” he invited, leaning his head back onto the pillow and opening his lips slightly.

I had to put my nipple into his mouth? Like I was feeding a baby? Oh, I couldn’t!

“Jared, please?” I begged him. “Let me undo the handcuffs. I want you to make love to me!”

“If you take off these handcuffs, you will get dressed and I’ll have my driver take you back home!”

“I can’t do it.” Foolishly, tears welled up in my eyes.

“Yes, you can, sweetheart.” Forgetting that he was handcuffed, Jared tried to reach out to me. He smiled ruefully as he was stopped halfway. “Come here and kiss me.”

I cupped his face and kissed him tentatively. His tongue surged into my mouth and he took command of the kiss. We kissed until we were breathless.

“Would you prefer the room to be in darkness?”

“Yes, but how—?”

“Press and hold the white button on that remote control until it’s right for you.”

I did as instructed and the room started to get dim although it was still bright sunshine outside.

“I hate drapes,” Jared explained. “That’s enough. I want to see a little bit of you, sweetheart.”

I would have preferred it to be pitch black, but I stopped as he requested.

“Now do whatever you want to do to me,” he invited again.

I stood up and leaned over to kiss him. When his lips left mine to cover the nipple I’d placed within easy reach of them, I cupped his head and held him to me.

This time he didn’t tease my nipple. He used his tongue and his teeth, hard. Soon I had to pull away and give him my other nipple. In moments I was gasping like I’d run a marathon.

“Now sit on my face and let me tongue you, baby.” I hesitated and he reminded me, “I can’t see you, my sweet.”

I tried to position myself without squashing him, placing my knees on the bed and my calves along his arms. I eased myself down gingerly, but immediately sprang up when his tongue laved me.

“Mmm, so wet. Stretch your legs out further.” I did it without thinking and found my feet clasped in his hands on either side. “Now, hold still while I eat your pussy!”

Trapped I could only close my eyes tight and bite my lips to stop myself screaming as he ate me. Then I jumped and opened my eyes in surprise as I felt the tip of his tongue inside me. The room which had seemed pitch black minutes ago was much lighter now that my eyes had accustomed themselves to the darkness. Standing at full attention right in front of my face was Jared’s penis.

Unable to help myself, I reached out and grasped it as I bounced myself about an inch or so, off and on his tongue. Jared’s exhaled breath tickled me as I curled my hand around his thickness and moved it up and down.

“Ye…rrgg…ggrr....” Jared gave a series of grunts as he tried to keep his tongue still and groan at the same time.

Feeling suddenly wicked I leaned forward and licked the head of his erection.

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