The Billionaire's Payment(2)

By: Alexis Moore

“Not only are you fired,” he threatened. “I intend to prosecute you for every last penny!”

“Please, Jared, I have a daughter—”

“You should have thought of her before you stole my money,” Jared interrupted ruthlessly. But, then he queried, his brow creasing in puzzlement, “I thought you only had two young sons.”

“I have a daughter too. She’s a little older.”

“What does she have to do with this? Is she in trouble? On drugs? Did you steal my money to finance her habit?”

“No. No,” the man denied. “What I meant was that you and I could come to some arrangement.”

“What are you suggesting?” Jared didn’t think that the man was suggesting what he thought he was suggesting. No, no parent would do that to a child, would they?

“She’s as beautiful as my wife and still a virgin.”

Against his will Jared felt his pulse quicken. The man’s wife was a former Miss India and was still beautiful enough to stop conversation dead when she walked into a room. She was reed slender and tall, with fine, silky, softly-waving hair that reached past her bottom. David, though twenty-two years older, was a good looking man. Their child could be nothing but spectacular. Yet, something didn’t add up, unless…

“How old is she?” he demanded softly. If on top of thievery, the man thought he, Jared, was a defiler of underage girls, he would carry out the earlier threat of dismissal that he’d issued only as a warning.


“Twenty-three and a virgin?” Jared tried hard not to laugh. Did he look like a fool? “I doubt that very much!”

“I promise you she is. She’s very shy.”

“How do you know she will be willing? I don’t want to feel like I’m raping any woman.” Jared couldn’t believe that he was actually pursuing the ridiculous conversation, but suddenly he felt an urgent need to meet the paragon of virtue. He hadn’t been on the hunt for pussy in ages—rather pussy had hunted him—it would be exciting to stalk one that was trying to evade him. He wouldn’t seduce her if she was unwilling, but the thought of the chase and the eventual capture made the blood heat in his veins.

“She’s always been an obedient child,” the older man confidently assured him. “She will do whatever I ask.”

Chapter Two

“You want me to do what?” I stared in horror at my father. I must have misheard him. I really couldn’t have possibly heard what I thought I had.

“Shakira…darling…he could have me put in jail. He’s dangerous and doesn’t like to be crossed.”

“And yet you want me to sleep with him?”

“Darling, he’s not that bad. He promised he wouldn’t force you.”

My father’s words just didn’t add up. In one breath the man was a beast who would have him thrown into jail to rot there until he died of old age; in the next the man was too gentlemanly to use force.

“I’m sorry, Dad, you’re asking too much!”

“Darling, I’ve never asked you for anything before, but I need you to do this for me.” My father’s eyes filled and I felt tears prick my eyelids too.

I’ve never seen him cry before.

“Dad, what did you do with all that money?” Maybe if I understood why he had stolen almost a quarter of a million pounds from the elusive bastard of a billionaire, Jared Codrington, I would be able to figure out a way to help him.

“Your mother had her heart set on that diamond necklace at Sotheby’s. I couldn’t deny her.”

I should have known it had something to do with those bloody diamonds. The piece of jewellery had belonged to a former actress and my mother had been intent on having it at all costs despite owning pieces which had been passed to her on her mother’s death that were just as beautiful. She had returned from the auction that day, looking triumphant but I hadn’t bothered to inquire what price she’d paid for it.

“Dad, you have to tell Mum you’re broke!”

“Darling, I promised her that I would keep her in the style your grandparents had accustomed her to. I can’t go back on that promise.”

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