The Billionaire's Payment(5)

By: Alexis Moore

If I sold it I could repay the money my father owed Jared and have enough left over for the next stage of my plan. I had come to reason with Jared, to explain matters to him and ask for his help. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I would take one look at him, throw my carefully thought-out plan through the window and thank God that my father had stolen his money!

Jared had become more and more elusive as his wealth had increased, until frustrated paparazzi had dubbed him ‘The Phantom Billionaire’. He travelled around the world only in his private plane, didn’t socialize and rarely ate in public—reputedly poaching world-class chefs from top restaurants and dining in rather than out. There had been a rumour circulating that he had suffered severe facial injuries when a truck had ploughed into his limousine on the M25 motorway a few years prior. My father had told me that the accident had occurred, but Jared had suffered only a few superficial cuts and bruises.

I hadn’t known what to expect. I knew that he was eleven years older and that he was tall, sandy haired and blue eyed. I’d known nothing else.

What I found when I had lifted my eyes to meet his was a man in the very prime of his life—a real life prince who looked almost exactly like the drawing of the prince who had kissed Sleeping Beauty awake in the fairytale.

For the last five years I have felt removed from life, experiencing it at a distance, shielding myself from pleasure, fearing the pain that too often accompanied it.

I often felt as though I’m asleep.

And now like Sleeping Beauty, I’d found a prince to awaken me.


She re-entered the room naked but for the sari draped across one shoulder and trailing behind her. Looking nervous, she stood a few metres away, her eyes not meeting his gaze. Through the material Jared could see that her breasts were every bit as magnificent as he had hoped.

“Let the sari go, sweetheart.” He was surprised at the huskiness of his voice.

Taking a deep breath, which pressed her nipples tantalizingly against the material for a brief second, she let go the end of the garment and let it slip to the floor. With a touch of defiance, she raised her head and gazed back at him.

Jared had prepared himself for the sight of her naked breasts. The material of the sari was almost translucent and the sides of them had peeped out tantalizingly, but naked they were simply magnificent. Proudly defying every law of gravity, they sat on her ribcage, firm and tip tilted, like offerings to the gods. Her nipples weren’t dark as he’d expected, but a beautiful tawny colour.

He forced his eyes downward to her stomach where a simple heart-shaped ruby lay nestled in the small hollow of her navel. Pierced navels were commonplace. He didn’t have a preference one way or the other, but the thought of her navel, the very source of life, hidden beneath the jewel made him want to move it aside and bury his tongue deeply into the slight indentation.

She tried to cross her legs to conceal her jet black pubic curls from him, but she was only partially successful. He hadn’t seen pubic hair on a woman in years—not in the flesh anyway—and he found the sight oddly arousing. He liked the women he slept with to be cleanly shaven, always worried that there could be little creatures living happily in any damp, moist, hairy environment. He had even on occasion shaved a woman who hadn’t been cropped close enough for his liking, but he loved old porn movies and got fiercely aroused by a woman with a full thatch of pubic hair. The sight of Shakira’s silky black hairs made the blood rush to his cock with such a fury, it left him light headed.

Yet, though his sudden erection was painful, he surprisingly didn’t feel the need to attack her like a rabid beast.

He wanted to press sweet, soft kisses against her trembling wide mouth and reassure her that all would be well…strange because he rarely kissed women. He appreciated them going down on him, but didn’t appreciate the thought that they had gone down on other men before him.

He wanted to make gentle, tender love to her…even stranger because he always fucked women. Fucked them hard as they screamed his name and told him how brilliant a lover he was, how big and sweet and hard his cock was, and how tasty his cum…all in anticipation of the expensive trinket he would later give them.

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