The Billionaire's Payment(7)

By: Alexis Moore

That was all the warning he gave her before he bent his head and fastened his lips tight on her right nipple.

“Oh God, Jared, that feels so good!”

He synchronized the tweaking of his fingers and the tugging of his lips, knowing that it would feel to her that she had a pair of lips on each nipple. He almost smiled when he increased the intensity and she lifted her hips off the bed and began circling them. Rather than let up, Jared turned up the intensity a notch and involuntarily she lifted her hands to the junction of her thighs. He watched avidly waiting to see her plunge one or two of her slim fingers into her pussy and soothe the ache he was creating there. Instead her hand hovered above her groin for a few moments, before she started to clench and unclench her fist.

Has she never played with herself before?

Jared was already convinced that she was a virgin. Her responses all indicated that she hadn’t been with a man before. But surely she had pleasured herself? Surely she had stuck one or several fingers into her pussy and made herself come?

“Finger yourself,” he instructed, abandoning her nipple only to say the words and reattaching his lips. Perhaps she was too shy to do it in his presence.

“Finger myself?”

The uncertainty in her voice raised the hair at Jared’s nape. He swung his gaze around to confirm what his senses were trying to tell him but his head didn’t believe.

“You haven’t touched yourself before?”

“Only to wash,” she replied, a blush staining her cheeks.

Jared had thought his erection was fuller than it had ever been before—full enough to burst the skin—but it got even harder at the thought that Shakira was not only virginal, she was untouched by hands, even her own.

Just like Nyla had been.

Nyla, his girlfriend for most of his three years at university.

Nyla, whom he hadn’t thought of since.

The hurt had been too deep when she had chosen to deny their love rather than face her family with the truth. Yet, he’d never doubted that she’d loved him as much as he’d loved her. She had demonstrated that love by giving him the only virginity she could—her anal virginity—while keeping herself intact for the fellow Pakistani husband her parents had chosen for her.

She’d told him that they would never see each other again after they parted the final day of their last semester, but he hadn’t believed her. He couldn’t forget her that easily, so how could she possibly forget him? He’d waited for her to call, knowing that he couldn’t risk calling her and getting her into trouble with her very strict parents. He had broken down and called, after a week spent with friends who were celebrating the end of university life and too drunk to notice that he was present in body and not in spirit, only to discover that her mobile phone had been disconnected. He’d immediately jumped into his car and blazed around to the address she had reluctantly given to him when he had insisted on having it. He’d had a hard time convincing the burly gay man who had opened the door that he had come to see his girlfriend and not the man’s good-looking, boyish lover.

Nyla had obviously sensed his relentlessness even at that age and known that he would try to follow or contact her despite her begging him not to. At the time it had felt that she had carelessly and needlessly ripped both of their hearts to shreds for familial obligation. Older and wiser now, Jared understood the monumental sacrifice he’d been asking her to make. She would have been ostracized by her family…even killed, if the media was to be believed. They both could have been.

They looked nothing alike and yet Shakira reminded him so much of his former girlfriend.

I hope you’re happy wherever you are.

With those silent words Jared let go of the final remnants of pain of losing Nyla.

Because now, for the first time since he’d lost her, he’d found someone who made his protective instincts war with his raging lust. No other woman had done that since Nyla. He fucked them ruthlessly and dispassionately, and gave them expensive gifts instead of affection. That didn’t stop them from trying to heal the hurt they sensed in him.

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