The Billionaire's Secret Child

By: Shantel Johnson

Chapter 1

At the sound of my alarm going off, I groaned and covered my face with a pillow. “I can’t believe it’s already time for work. It feels like I just left the place and I’m headed back again,” I thought.

I grabbed my keys off of my small apartment counter, and checked my ass in the mirror once more before heading out to the old Toyota I had gotten as a graduation gift. My name is Chantel Wilson. I am 23 years old, and I live in Newark, New Jersey. I hadn’t really planned on staying here forever, but when my mom died a few months after my high school graduation, there wasn’t much I could do. So, I got this job at the local bar and I’ve been living pay check to pay check.

Sometimes I feel like I got the job based off of my drop looks and my hard to get personality. I didn’t look 18 at the time I came in for an interview. My body was very well developed. It was full figured and toned. My high cheekbones and straight nose complimented my coiled, soot-black hair. My clear, ebony skin was the icing on the cake. I stood about 5’7, and every part of me flattered each other. My boss, Rasheed, couldn’t take his eyes off of me the first night I worked there. I remember him asking me once if he could be my sugar daddy. It almost made me throw everything I had eaten that day up. Don’t get me wrong, he was not a bad looking old guy, but he was an old guy, and I was not about to throw this ass back for some wrinkly dick just to make it on my own. Who could blame me? Fresh out of high school, no guidance. I definitely had a head for college, but I couldn’t go there with no cash.

Reminiscing on the dark times always made me look for a brighter future. I was never like the other kids in school. I was smarter, I was optimistic, and I had ambition. I was determined to make it out of Newark. My future was going to take me far. It was going to be a future that hopefully included the new Divine Design that just opened today. Divine Design is the hottest apparel store poppin’ right now. Which is why I have no idea what it’s doing in shitty old Newark. I wish I could have made my way down there to meet the CEO, but working on my feet all night long had me some kind of tired and there was no way I was getting out of the bed to stand in a crowd of people. I’ve always loved fashion and I really want to get out and do something with my passion, but I’m waiting on the right time. I gotta get my money right first. No shame in my game. I’m broke, I ain’t poor. My mama taught me that being broke don’t last forever, being poor is eternal.

“I’ll go by there to apply tomorrow,” I decided as I pulled into the parking lot of ‘The Iron Dragon’. That is the name of the bar where I worked. I checked my phone for the time. Shit, it was 6:30 that is when I was supposed to be clocked in. I quickly grabbed my bags and got out of the car. I ran into the building and clocked in at 6:32. Good thing Rasheed wasn’t around, he’d be all over my black ass about being two fucking minutes late. I turned to go put my jacket and bags in the back office, checking my phone once more, before turning it off for work.

“You’re late,” I heard and I jolted up from my phone.


“Oh, hey Rasheed.”

Rasheed was the owner of the bar. He was in his late 40’s. He had owned the place for the past 15 years and it was probably the safest place to be after dark. He kept his establishment clean. There was a strict no smoking policy and only beers and wines pre-approved by him and his most trusted employees were allowed to be sold. Rasheed was a stickler for the rules and with his mafia look, anyone in their right mind wouldn’t dare break them. He always wore dark shades, even when he was inside, and there was never a day where he didn’t dress to impress. He said it was in the occasion that someone important walked in to negotiate business, but no one ever did.

“Come on Chantel, you know how I am about you all being on time. Please don’t waste my time ma.”

I hated upsetting him. I knew he had a soft spot for me, and it hurt me to know that I was hurting him.

“It won’t happen again,” I assured him as I put my stuff down in his office.

“Alright lady, get out there,” he sighed

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