The Sultan's Harem Bride(75)

By: Annie West

He stood, pulling her to her feet, his body sheltering her from the crowd.

‘Very well, I’ll take you somewhere more suitable and ask you to be my bride.’ His face sobered, his hold tightening. ‘On condition you promise to say yes.’

Jacqui stared up at the one man in the world she’d ever love and understood for the first time that phrase about your heart singing. Hers was doing it right now.

‘Jacqueline?’ Was that fear in Asim’s voice?

She lifted her palm to his face and sighed at the dear familiarity of him.

‘That can be arranged, Your Highness. On condition you take me somewhere very, very private. After this...’ she gestured to the thronged footpath ‘...I want you all to myself.’

Asim’s eyes glittered with a promise she’d never been able to resist and his mouth curved in a smile of pure satisfaction. Jacqui didn’t bother to protest when he scooped her into his arms and strode to the limousine waiting at the kerb.

‘I knew this would be a marriage of like minds,’ he murmured in her ear. ‘Those are my thoughts exactly.’

* * * * *

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