The Tycoon's Rebel Bride(2)

By: Maya Banks

“While your devotion to my wife is commendable, it’s hardly necessary,”

Chrysander said dryly. Then he sighed. “Our obligation to Bella had temporarily slipped

my mind. My focus of late has been on Marley and our child.”

“What obligation?” Theron asked sharply. “And why haven’t I heard of this


“Our fathers were longtime friends and business partners. Her father extracted a

promise from our father that if anything should ever happen to him that Isabella would be

looked after. Our father preceded her father in death, so I assumed responsibility for her

welfare when her father also passed away.”

“Then you should know that, according to this letter, she’s arriving in New York

two days from now,” Theron said.

Chrysander cursed. “I can’t leave Marley right now.”

“Of course you can’t,” Theron said impatiently. “I’ll take care of it. But I need

details. The last thing you need right now is to be saddled with another concern. New

York is my responsibility. I’ll count this as yet another problem I’ve inherited when we

traded offices.”

“Bella won’t be any problem. She’s a sweet girl. All you need to do is help her

settle her affairs and make sure her needs are provided for. She doesn’t gain full control

of her inheritance until she’s twenty-five or she marries, whichever happens first, so in

the meantime Anetakis International acts as the trustee. As you are now the New York

representative of Anetakis, that makes you her guardian of sorts.”

Theron groaned. “I knew I should have bloody well made Piers take over the New

York office.”

Chrysander laughed. “This will be a piece of cake, little brother. It shouldn’t take

you long at all to make sure she’s settled and has everything she needs.”

Isabella Caplan had no sooner made it past the airport security checkpoint when

she saw a man in a chauffeur’s uniform holding a sign with her name on it.

She held up a hand in a wave and made her way over. To her surprise, two other

men stepped forward to flank her. Her confusion must have showed because the

chauffeur smiled and said, “Welcome to New York, Ms. Caplan. I’m Henry, your driver

for today, and these gentlemen are from Mr. Anetakis’s security detail.”

“Uh, hi,” she said.


“I’ve arranged for someone to collect your luggage from baggage claim,” Henry

said as he herded her toward the exit. “It will be delivered to the hotel shortly.”

Outside, one of the security men held the limousine door open for her then got in

after her, while the second climbed into the front seat with Henry. Privacy wasn’t in the

cards, and what she really wanted to do was wilt all over her seat.

Isabella leaned back as the limousine pulled away from the passenger pickup area

en route to Imperial Park, the hotel owned by the Anetakis brothers. Chrysander had

arranged a suite anytime she visited New York, not that it had occurred often.

This trip had been planned as nothing more than a brief stopover on her way to

Europe, a fact she’d apprised Chrysander of in her correspondence. All of that had

changed the minute she’d received a terse missive from Theron Anetakis informing her

that he was now overseeing her affairs, and he would meet briefly with her in New York

to make sure she had everything she needed for her trip abroad.

He didn’t know it yet, but her trip was a thing of the past. She was going to stay in

New York…indefinitely.

The limousine pulled up in front of the hotel and ground smoothly to a halt. Her

door opened, and the security guard who’d ridden in front extended his hand to assist her

out. Once inside the lobby, she was ushered immediately to her suite, bypassing the front

desk altogether.

Within ten minutes, her luggage was delivered to her room along with a bouquet

of flowers and a basket filled with an assortment of snacks and fruits.

If that wasn’t enough, just as she settled onto the couch to kick off her shoes and

catch her breath, another knock sounded. Grumbling under her breath, she went to open

the door and found another hotel employee standing there. He extended a smooth, cream-

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