Their Virgin Captive(8)

By: Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Slade contained his excitement—barely. “Understood. I’ll make the arrangements. Then we can talk to Hannah.”

Gavin nodded as though happy with the decision. “Excellent. We’ll have to convince her to go, you know.”

Slade would have to convince her of more than just an impromptu trip to Alaska. He was going to have to persuade her—and everyone else—that this ménage relationship could work. To do that, he had to restore peace between Dex and Gavin. Then he had to talk Gavin into sharing Hannah with them. Hell, he also had to convince Hannah that taking on three passionate, dominant men would be a dandy idea.

“No problem, Gavin.” Slade sounded way more confident than he felt.

But as he walked out of Gavin’s office to start planning, he vowed to make it work.

* * * *

Dex parked his Harley about a block away from Hannah’s apartment and started walking.

His cell trilled, and he pulled it out of his pocket. Slade. Probably wanting to talk about Gavin.

Dex growled. He thought about ignoring it, but did what he always did when it came to Slade.

He gave in.

But that didn’t mean Dex had to be nice about it.


“Well, I suppose I should be happy you’re using words and not just grunting.” Dex had no comeback for that. Grunting was a perfectly acceptable form of communication in his book. It got the job done. So did growling, snorting, and just flat planting his fist in another guy’s face. When he found whoever was stalking Hannah, he didn’t intend to give the fucker a nice long lecture.

Slade’s sigh came across loud and clear. “Damn it, Dex. Where are you? You have to set aside this crap with Gavin and get your ass back to the office. Hannah’s in trouble.”

“I know that,” Dex practically yelled into the phone. “I’m going to her place. I want to see if I can figure out where the jerk has been hiding when he does his stalkarazzi thing.”

“Maybe that will give us some clues about his identity. That’s a great idea.”

“Yeah, well, it’s what I do for a living.”

When would his older brothers finally understand that he was damn good at his job?

Dex looked up and down the cracked sidewalks of Hannah’s neighborhood. It was old, with a ton of mature trees, but he’d never liked her living here. Hannah’s apartment was in a rundown fourplex. The paint was peeling, and one of her screens was propped against the side of the building. He’d bet it was the one to her bedroom window, and that fucker had taken it off. Had Hannah not noticed? The nearby tree would be a great place for this scumbag to hide and snap pictures. But what the hell was Hannah doing lying around her bedroom with the shades wide open?

“Look, you do your thing, but be back at the office by one. We’re going to take Hannah to Alaska with us.”

Dex stopped. “We are? Hannah wants to go to Alaska?”

“Not exactly,” Slade admitted. “We’re going to talk her into it. We’ll say it’s a business trip.

But we can keep her safe there until the police figure this shit out and nail this guy. I really do have to go up there. I’m the head engineer. I’ll convince her that she needs to take notes or something.”

Dex knew he should stay here. He should be the one running the investigation. Damn, it meant Slade would probably sleep with Hannah. There was no way his brother would have such close access to Hannah and not claim her now that they’d decided she was theirs. But he trusted Slade. “Take care of our girl. You explain that I love her, too, but I need to find the bastard who’s stalking her.”

Hannah’s safety was more important than his dick, though his dick was protesting mightily.

Dex walked up the stairs to Hannah’s apartment. They wobbled under him. Ratty old place. It reminded him of his last foster home. The house had been falling down around them, but his foster father spent every dime on beer, cigarettes, and the lotto.

He was going to get Hannah out of here. She didn’t know it yet, but she wasn’t coming back to this dive. She would come home with him and Slade. Dex refused to accept any other outcome.

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