Their Virgin Captive(87)

By: Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

He looked forward to spending the month focused on nothing but her.

Hannah looked up, and he knew the moment she saw him. Her green eyes lit up. She rushed to the edge of the pool and raced up the steps. Dex turned from the grill and nodded his way.

Dex James. His brother. It was all legal now. He smiled.

Hannah walked toward him, her breasts barely encased in a yellow bikini top. She never wore that suit in public, but damn he liked to see it on her in private.

“Watch out,” Slade said, pressing a cold beer into his hand. “She’s going to throw herself in your arms. If you don’t want to get those clothes wet, I would run.” She would just chase him down. His wife never let him get too far. Anytime the pressure got to him, she drew him back in with the sunshine of her smile. His world finally had a center, and he was content to orbit around her.

Hannah did just what Slade had promised. She threw herself into his arms, plastering her body to his.

“Welcome home, Mr. James.” She pressed a little kiss on his lips. “I missed you.” He missed her every minute he wasn’t in her presence. “Me too, love. Are you ready for your meeting tomorrow, Ms. VP?”

“Absolutely, boss.” Hannah loved her new responsibilities, and the employees adored her.

“Make sure you’re not late.”

She frowned at him and wrinkled her nose. “I’m never late, Mr. James. Are you going to come swimming with me? The water’s great.”

“As I’m already wet, I think I will.” He slapped her ass playfully as she walked back to the pool.

Gavin stripped off his shirt.

“Has our little pool party taken a distinctly adult tone?” Dex asked, a wide smile on his face.

“Hannah likes to play cowboys and captive, doesn’t she?” Gavin asked. “I think the James Gang is going to ride tonight.”

“Dinner can wait,” Dex said. He dove into the pool.

“Hallelujah. She kills me when she wears that bikini. I always just want to strip it off her.” Slade followed his brother.

Gavin shucked the rest of his clothes. He didn’t need them.

The James Gang had a captive, and they weren’t ever going to let her go.

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