Their Virgin Captive(9)

By: Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

“You’re coming to Alaska with us,” Slade said. “Gavin is putting the Lenox brothers on the case.”

“He took me off? Without even consulting me?” Dex stopped right in front of Hannah’s door, his heart sinking to his gut. He’d been hoping Gavin would apologize. Dex wouldn’t accept at first, of course, but eventually he would and agree to stay on as Black Oak’s Head of Security.

The fact that Gavin had actually removed him was a blow he hadn’t been expecting—and it was more painful than he’d imagined. It might have been better for all concerned if Gavin and Slade hadn’t come looking for him in that foster home.

Dex thought about that day often. He’d been just about to age out of the foster system. He’d had no place to go one day, then the next, he was moving into this huge mansion with the brothers he’d never imagined he had. Starting over again was going to be hard, but he wasn’t going to hang around to be Gavin’s whipping boy.

There was a long huff from Slade’s end of the phone. “Dude, you’re just like him, you know?

Why does your brain always go to the worst possible place? Gavin wants you to come with us.

He set this whole thing up to include you. Come on, this is our shot with Hannah. We’re going to talk to her about the pictures when we get to Alaska. We need to break this to her gently, then assure her that she’s safe.”

Dex pondered that. At least if he was close to her, he could protect her. Maybe he and Gavin could work things out, too. Burke and Cole Lenox would definitely track down this scumbag threatening Hannah. “All right. I’ll go. And I’ll pack Hannah some clothes so she doesn’t have to come back here.”

“How are you planning on doing that? Do you have a key to her place?” Slade sounded miffed.

Dex tried the front door. It was locked, but just barely. He gave it a shove, and the door gave way. “I don’t think a gnat needs a key to get into Hannah’s. No freaking security at all. I’m in.”

“I’ll let Burke know he should watch her place and see if we can catch this guy. Do what you need and get your ass back here by one.” There was a short pause. “This is all going to work out.

I promise.”

And that was Slade, always the optimist. Dex wasn’t feeling so rosy. What if Hannah didn’t want him? He’d live with that. But damn it, she was going to get his protection. “I’ll see you then.”

He hung up and looked around her apartment. Hannah had never invited him in, and he was wretchedly curious. The place was neat and feminine with yellow curtains hanging in the small kitchen. There was a single coffee mug drying on a mat by the sink and a dish for her cat’s food and water on the floor.

With zero remorse, he went through the mail she’d stacked neatly on the counter, then pressed the button that started her answering machine.

Ms. Craig, this is Brenna from the South Side Animal Shelter. I’m sorry, but your cat isn’t here. I’ll call if I find out anything.

Her cat was missing? Hannah loved that damn feline.

Hannah, it’s Preston. Look, we need to talk. Why would you call HR in? It was one kiss. You were coming on to me, and we both know it. Let’s work this out, just the two of us. What do you say, baby? Maybe over dinner?

Dex clenched his fists. Preston Ward III was fortyish, balding, married, and Black Oak’s dickwad Chief Information Officer. Not a chance Hannah would voluntarily kiss that asshole. He must have forced it on her. Now Dex knew whose name to put at the top of the suspect list—just before he broke the bastard’s face. The machine beeped again and changed to a thin voice.

Hey, Hannah. I—I was, uhm, calling to make sure we’re still on for tonight. I have the part to fix your laptop. It’ll only take an hour. So call me and let me know when I can head your way.

Dex had no idea who that asshole was, but a file folder on her tiny desk caught his attention.

He flipped it open, expecting to find some piece of work Gavin had given her, but his eyes turned stormy when he realized he was looking at a police report.

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