Throttle Me(6)

By: Chelle Bliss

“No harm done, Bear,” I said with a fake smile, hoping to calm the situation.

“We’re going to sit at the bar.” City looked at Bear, not moving his eyes.

“Come on dude, sit with us. Don’t mind Bear. He’s a total dick. Make his ass go sit at the bar,” Sam begged.

“Sunshine and I want to be alone. I’ll catch you guys another night,” City said, pressing his hand against my back, guiding me away from the table and the large bar area.

“I’m sorry. They can be childish dicks. Bear doesn’t have a filter,” he said as he pulled out a chair for me. City had manners. Not many of the men I dated did something as simple as pull out a chair for a lady – it was a lost art. “He’s a good guy, but sometimes his mouth runs and he doesn’t think before he speaks.”

“It’s okay, really… it is. Thanks for sticking up for me,” I said to him as I sat down, pulling my stool closer to the bar top. “Why did you call me Sunshine?”

“Well, I don’t know your name and you remind me of sunshine – your hair is golden and your smile glows. Just sounded right. I had to come up with something on the fly,” he said. “I hope you didn’t mind.” He shrugged and grabbed the menu laying nearby.

“I didn’t mind, but my name is Suzy.”

“What would you like, Suzy?”

I wanted to say ‘you’ because somehow this man made me lose my grip on reality. “Virgin daiquiri, please.”

“Virgin? Really?” His brows shot up and corner of his mouth twitched.

“I already had a drink tonight. I just want something sweet, no liquor.”

“Do you want something to eat?” he asked. “You a vegetarian too?” he laughed.

“Shut up.” I smacked him on the arm. “I’m good. I just want to call a tow truck.”

“Gotcha.” He pulled out his phone and placed it on the bar. “Hey darlin’, can you put in an order for a cheeseburger, a beer, and a virgin daiquiri?” he asked the bartender.

“Sure thing, handsome,” she said, walking away, slowly swaying her hips to grab attention. I turned to City to see if he was watching her, but he was staring at me instead and my mouth felt dry and scratchy.

“You want to call Triple A or someone else?” he asked without taking his eyes off me. They were an amazing shade of blue and I couldn’t look away. I’d always loved my blue eyes, but his were almost turquoise. I felt like he was staring through me, into me, seeing everything I hid under the surface. I wanted him, but I didn’t want to admit my attraction. I couldn’t admit it.

“Triple A is good,” I said reaching for my purse to find my membership card. I fumbled with my wallet, finding the card behind everything else inside. I could feel his eyes on me, he studied me and it made me nervous. What was he thinking? I dialed the number as I swiveled away from him needing to avert his stare.

“Hello, Triple A, how can I help you?” I could barely hear the tiny female voice above the loud classic rock the pulsed throughout the smoky bar. City chatted with the bartender as I tried to drown them out and give my location and details about my car. They wouldn’t be able to make it out to my car until morning. Fuck. I thanked her for helping me before hitting the end button.

“What’d they say?” City asked with a sincere look as the bartender sashayed away from us.

“They won’t make it out here until morning because they’re busy and we’re in the middle of nowhere. I’m to leave it unlocked so they can get in and put it in neutral or something. I don’t know how it works. I’ve never had my car towed before.” Now what the hell was I going to do? I was stranded at The Neon Cowboy with Mr. Sexalicious and my dirty thoughts.

“I’ll bring you back to your car when I’m done eating. I guess you’ll need a lift home too?” he asked, sipping his drink as he eyed me.

I smiled at him, though I hated the thought of him going out of his way and I wasn’t that comfortable with a stranger knowing where I lived, I couldn’t say no. “I’d appreciate it, if you don’t mind.”

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