To Wear His Ring Again(68)

By: Chantelle Shaw

‘Dammit, Isobel, I can’t fight you when you don’t play fair.’

‘Why do you want to fight me?’ she said softly.

He took a shuddering breath. ‘Because I’m scared of loving you,’ he admitted in a low tone that revealed the intensity of his emotions. ‘Because I’m scared I’ll lose you.’

She thought of the little boy who had been forbidden to cry at his mother’s funeral, the man who had been dry-eyed when they had buried their baby daughter but who had created a rose garden in Arianna’s memory.

‘You won’t lose me,’ she told him fiercely. ‘I will love you for ever.’ She cupped his face in her hands and sought his mouth, kissing him with all the love inside her, with her heart and soul, willing him to take the risk and find the happiness she knew belonged to them.

‘Ti amo, Isabella.’ His voice shook. ‘I swear I will keep you safe, and I will never hurt you.’

‘Then you must promise that you will always love me.’

‘Let me show you.’ He swept her up into his arms and carried her into the bedroom where he made love to her with such tender passion that she could not hold back her tears. ‘Don’t cry, tesorino,’ he said huskily, ‘or you’ll make me cry too.’

She saw the brightness in his blue eyes, his vulnerability that he no longer tried to hide from her, and her heart overspilled with love for him.

‘There will be times when we will smile and laugh, but there’ll be other times when we’ll cry, because that is the way of life. But we will laugh and cry together. And always we will love each other,’ she vowed.

Constantin smiled. ‘Always, my love.’

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