Touching The Boss

By: Mallory Crowe


Porn. So much porn.

Lori deleted file after file on the laptop in front of her. Kyle Drum apparently had quite the collection of adult videos. And, hey, Lori was all for letting off steam once in a while and getting to know one’s hand a bit better. But this collection was on a work computer. And it had caused at least two different viruses and countless malware programs to be installed.

Hell, with the amount of time it would take her to clean up this damn thing, they might as well toss the stupid computer and buy a new one.

She let out a sigh and clicked on the control panel, but a pop-up suddenly appeared and a woman with more plastic on her body than fat appeared and started to pull off her shirt.

“Oh, for the love of—”

“Is this how you normally spend your days?”

Lori twisted around in her chair and her eyes went wide at the sight of the man who stood at the entrance of her cubicle.

Not just any man. Michael Freakin’ Devereaux. Her jaw dropped, but no sound managed to come out.

“Are you just going to let her keep going then? I think she’s about two seconds away from putting that cucumber—”

Lori reached behind her and slammed the laptop shut without even glancing behind her. She plastered on a smile and tried to pretend everything was normal. “That’s not my computer. Just cleaning off some viruses.”

He nodded but didn’t look the slightest bit convinced. “Ms. Briggs, do you mind coming upstairs with me?”

Upstairs? What the heck was upstairs? He couldn’t be firing her for this. She could explain. If he would only listen for a few seconds, she could clarify everything. Tell him that Kyle had been let go and she was trying to get the computer back to factory specs. Everything had a perfectly reasonable explanation! “Okay,” was all that came out as she pushed herself up on shaky legs.

In the three months she’d worked at DevX Tech, she’d never once seen anyone called upstairs. For that matter, she’d never even seen the VP of IT on her floor, let alone personally asking employees to come up.

Maybe he’d just been walking by and seen the screen of the bimbo and on the spot decided she needed to go? But he couldn’t think she was really stupid enough to watch that crap in a cubicle!

Michael turned and led the way to the elevator. Instead of defending herself like she should have, Lori kept her mouth shut.

From all the stories she’d heard about the brothers who led the company, she didn’t expect Michael to jump to conclusions. All the gossip painted Luke, the CEO, as the hothead who was the fire first and ask questions later kind. Michael was supposedly the brains behind Luke’s brawn.

Though, judging by the way his shoulders stretched out the suit jacket in front of her, he had a fair amount of brawn himself. She’d only seen the brothers from a distance and never realized quite how… big Michael was. She could only imagine how his back would look once his jacket and shirt were off and there was just pure muscle in front of her eyes. Muscle that wasn’t moving anymore…

Lori was able to get herself to stop before she slammed into his back. He pressed the up button next to the elevator and she tried to look as innocent as possible. Great. First he caught her looking at porn and now she was imagining him shirtless. She was supposed to be defending herself, not digging a bigger hole.

The elevator doors opened and she realized Michael hadn’t said anything since they left her cube. She should say something. Small talk. Damn it, she sucked at small talk. “I don’t normally watch people doing it at work,” she blurted out as they got on the elevator.

Michael’s gaze jerked in her direction and the faintest smile tugged at his lips. He looked as if he was about to say something, but the doors slid closed.

“Top floor?” Lori reached for the buttons. He nodded and she hit the button for the executive level.

“So you only occasionally visit X-rated websites at the office?” Now he was full-on grinning at her.

“What? No! I firmly believe porn is for the comfort of your own home.”

“So you only watch porn at home then?”

“Yes!” Blood rush to Lori’s face as she realized she just told one of the owners of the company that she watched porn at home. “No! I meant—” She broke off as she heard his soft chuckle. Great. Now he was laughing at her. She rubbed her temples and tried to think of ways to not die from embarrassment.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Briggs. We all have…personal hobbies.”

She glanced up and met his golden brown eyes. Huh. She’d always thought he had blue eyes like all the photos she’d seen of Luke. And then his words clicked in her mind. Oh. He was saying he had personal hobbies too. Oh God. And now she was imagining Michael Devereaux in some overpriced penthouse, sitting behind a laptop and looking at some crazy assortment of xxx websites. But he wouldn’t be looking at the crap that Kyle had on his hard drive. “You’d have better taste than Kyle though.”

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