The Dragon Legion Collection(6)
Author:Deborah Cooke

    “Of course!” She laughed at him, then caught his head in her hands, pulling him down for another kiss. This time, she was purposeful and passionate, intending to leave no doubt in his mind of his welcome. Alexander caught his breath when her tongue slid between his teeth, then hauled her even closer, kissing her with crushing intensity. His erection strained against his clothing, so large and hard that Katina had no doubt of his desire.

    It was intoxicating to know that he wanted her as much as she wanted him. She met him touch for touch, loving the sense of communion   she felt in these encounters. Alexander groaned, then swept her into his arms. He strode across the courtyard, never breaking his kiss. Katina wound her arms around his neck, wanting all he had to give.

    It had been so long.

    His touch felt so right.

    In fact, nothing had felt right without him. Katina was on her back on her bed, her belt untied and Alexander’s hands beneath her tunic before she opened her eyes. He kissed her again, the intoxicating leisure of his kiss making her forget everything but the magic of his touch. She could think of nothing but this man she loved with all her heart, this man she had feared to never see again.

    Alexander’s hand closed over her breast, and Katina moaned as he rolled the taut peak between his finger and thumb. He lifted her tunic and bent to take her nipple in his mouth, suckling her so that Katina thought she would be overwhelmed by pleasure. His hands felt large on her body, strong and warm and firm, yet he was so gentle that she couldn’t have denied him anything. He was so determined to find pleasure together that Katina knew he had dreamed of this moment, too.

    Alexander’s fingers slid beneath the hem of her chiton, and she knew what he would do. Her heart skipped a beat, because she had loved this kind of play. She caught her breath at the heat of his hand on her leg, his touch sliding ever upward, and fell back in surrender. She was his for the taking, and she heard from his chuckle that he knew it. His fingers slipped between her thighs, his caress on her wet heat making her gasp with delight.

    “Katina,” Alexander whispered with awe, then caught her mouth beneath his own once more. He kissed her again, his fingers tormenting her until she writhed on the bed. Her body was filled with a pleasure that surged to greater intensity, like a flame coaxed to burn brighter and brighter. Her hands were on Alexander’s shoulders, her fingers gripping his solid strength, his body providing an anchor for her in the storm he roused with his touch.

    She was desperate to feel his skin against hers and see him nude again, but his clothing was so strange that she didn’t know how to begin to disrobe him. She ran her hands over him repeatedly, then shoved her fingers into his hair.

    Alexander lifted his head, his eyes twinkling.

    “Don’t stop,” she whispered and he grinned.

    “Not yet.” Alexander slid down the length of her, parted her thighs with his hands, and lowered his head to flick his tongue across her arousal. Katina moaned from the depths of her soul. Only Alexander could give her such pleasure. Only Alexander could make her act like a wanton.

    And Katina didn’t care.

    She wanted him, over and over and over again. No matter what price she had to pay, she would have this moment, with no regrets. She felt the heat of Alexander’s breath as he paused in his torment of her, then he kissed her in that intimate place and all coherent thought left her mind.

    There was only Alexander, only the pleasure he gave and the surety of her love for him.

    And in this moment, that was enough.

    * * *

    Alexander’s welcome couldn’t be mistaken. Katina’s body told the truth of her thoughts, as it always did. It had always been easier for them to communicate by touch than with words, and as far as Alexander was concerned, they could talk later. First, they would restore the power of their union  . First, they would recover the magic.

    Then they could resolve the details.

    There was nothing in his universe in this moment except Katina, and his joy to be with her again. For the moment, there was the love shining in her eyes, the dark majesty of her hair, the supple strength of her body and the wet welcome between her thighs. She was as much of a feast as Alexander recalled, so sweet and hot and responsive that he knew there could never be another woman for him. There was no pretense in her and he loved the honesty of her passion. He had never doubted what Katina had wanted of him, and he was profoundly glad to learn that had not changed.

    He was more than ready to give her all she desired and wished he could make her dreams come true.

    He felt a strange flutter on his skin when his heart swelled with love, but couldn’t make sense of the sensation that he’d lost something. He’d found something precious here, against all odds, and he was going to make the most of it.

    Alexander urged the tide to rise within Katina, proud beyond all that he could still please his wife so well. He teased her and drove her higher, then withdrew in the right moment, knowing her well enough to extend her torment and her pleasure. She moaned and protested incoherently, but Alexander wanted this union   to be perfect.

    He wanted to prove that it was worth the wait.

    The third time her passion rose, he waited until that ideal moment to graze his teeth across her turgid clitoris. Katina gasped, then gained her release in a shaking torrent. Her legs locked around his head involuntarily and she moaned as if her world was ending. Alexander savored her pleasure. She was flushed when her breathing returned to something like its regular pace, and her eyes were sparkling.

    She was so beautiful that his heart ached at the time they’d lost. He did not want to know, not yet, just how months he had been gone. Even if it had been a year, he would make it up to her.

    For now, Katina and this reunion   was enough.

    Alexander rose to his feet, knowing that Katina watched him with a hunger for more. Her thoughts were so easily read when they made love, and he was glad that she’d never had any inclination to play games with desire. She was impetuous and passionate, but utterly true.

    Alexander unbuckled his belt and cast it aside, liking how she smiled as he shed his clothes. She sat up on the bed, reaching to touch each exposed increment of skin, as if she were as anxious to caress him as he was to caress her. Alexander shed his clothing and boots with record speed, his boots falling to one side, his shirt and trousers to the other.

    “Your clothing is so strange,” she said, and a question filled her gaze. “I wouldn’t have known where to start.”

    Alexander didn’t want to talk about where he had been. Not yet. The tale would take too long and he wanted this reunion   first.

    “Is that why you watch me so closely?” he teased. “To have me naked whenever you so choose?”

    “Maybe I’ll keep you naked for a while. Until you please me enough.” Katina laughed, then stopped, confusion lighting her gaze. She stood up and reached a fingertip to touch the tattoo on his upper arm, the one souvenir he still bore from the future. Alexander winced when she touched it, not because it hurt but because he didn’t want to explain all of that as yet. “A magical beast upon your skin,” she said with wonder, and met his gaze. She clearly was curious.

    “It doesn’t matter,” Alexander said, his voice rougher than he intended. He knew that once her questions began, she would not fall silent until she knew everything of where he had been. Her inquisitiveness was a trait he admired, but he needed her touch first. He put a fingertip on her lips, savoring their softness. “This first,” he urged, knowing he would beg if he had to. “I’ve been without you too long to keep to the thread of any story otherwise.”

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