Ain't No Love In The Streets

By: Brittany McCarthy

Chapter One


“There’s my baby girl,” Shirley squealed as Egypt stepped off the Greyhound bus. Just looking at Egypt caused tears to sting in the back of Shirley’s eyes. She knew the genes in her family ran strong, but it was still unbelievable. Even at the tender age of ten years old she could tell she was bound to have her sister Brenda’s features to a T. She was already long and slender as many of the women in the family with the trademark Robinson million dollar smile to match.

“Hi, Aunt Shirley,” Egypt beamed hugging her. Shirley smelled like French vanilla, wrapped in a blue sundress that showcased her slender but thick curves. Even at the age of forty Shirley still had it going on turning men’s heads as she grabbed Egypt’s hand and strutted outside. She could easily give any twenty-something a run for their money. “Come on sweetie,” she said leading Egypt towards her car.

She had rehearsed this moment over and over since the courts awarded her full custody of Egypt. All the trips and money spent going back and forth to New York had been well worth it. Egypt was finally where she should have been, with her family. The child had been through so much already, and Shirley made a promise on her sisters grave she would not allow those problems to pull her under. The way she saw it, there was no reason for the child not to have a normal life, she deserved it. Looking at her now, she didn’t seem fazed by the situation and Shirley intended to keep it that way.

They left the bus station and headed for her two bedroom home in midtown KC, right off of 57th street. It wasn’t much but it was well kept and a far cry from the group homes Egypt had been in for the last three years. After settling into her new room, Shirley called Egypt to the kitchen to help her with dinner. “Come on in here Egypt, you can learn a thing or two bout this kitchen messing with me,” she said with a smile. After helping skin potato’s in silence for a few minutes, Shirley broke the silence.

“Egypt, I’m not going to rush or force you into anything but if you ever want to talk about anything. Just know I’m here,” Shirley said with a smile. Egypt nodded. Eventually, they would sit down and talk but not today. Egypt felt like she’d done enough of that. After dinner, Egypt headed outside to explore her new neighborhood. She saw a few kids out playing in the yards, but a boy running down the street caught her attention. He was being chased by what appeared to be to older boys. As they got closer, one of the boys pushed him, causing him to crash into the next door neighbor’s fence and the dog in the backyard to go off.

“You thought I was playing when I said give it up!” A light skin chubby boy said crashing his fist into the smaller one’s face.

Egypt felt bad watching them jump the smaller boy but what could she do? She knew better than to jump in the middle of a boys’ fight unless her hand was forced.

“Ahhhh, shit! Let him go!” Her thoughts were interrupted by the scream. The smaller boy had gained the upper hand, stabbing the chubby one in the leg with a pocket knife. The other jumped back as the smaller one got up and lunged at him. The two attackers backed up the street, realizing they had bitten off more than they could chew. Egypt silently cheered him on. She loved to see an underdog win.

“Told y’all nigga’s I wasn’t running shit! You know who the fuck my brother is?” They boy said taunting his assailants as they fled off. He looked up as if just noticing Egypt. “I’ve never seen you before, this your house?” Egypt nodded.

“Sorry about you having to see that. My name is Corey,” he said approaching the yard.

“I’m Egypt.”

From that moment on the two were inseparable. They had become the best of friends over time. Corey was the brother she wished she had. She liked the fact that he never followed the pack. He was more of a lone wolf like her. Corey had street dreams of becoming a bigger legend in K.C. than even his older brother Tommy, who was currently that nigga of the drug game in the inner city.

Chapter Two

5 Years Later

They were both lounging at Egypt’s house getting ready for their first day of high school at Paseo Academy. Egypt was going for writing and Corey for band. It was the one thing that kept him in school outside of Egypt staying on his heels about it. He was a beast on the drum line and was even with the city’s major drill team The Marching Cobra’s until he quit because it interfered with his street time.

“Y’all got something to drink?”

“Kool-Aid or tap water,” Egypt offered standing to go get something herself.

“Y’all ain’t got no pop?”

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