Another Woman's Husband

By: Johnazia Gray

A Sinful Love Affair


Wow! I am so blessed and thankful to be giving you guys another book. Not just any kind of book though, but a book that touched me and I pray that it touches whoever reads it.

I honestly just want to thank God for this! I stayed up so many long nights making sure that I gave my all to this book. I prayed and prayed and asked the Lord to guide me through. When I wanted to push my computer to the side and give up my prayers would always make me fight through and get it done. This book is so powerful to me, and I give that to God.

To my two test readers Earline and Adia… I appreciate you women from the bottom of my heart. Y’all pushed me to the max, and made sure that I gave it my all. Whenever I felt a little discouraged you ladies were right there to remind me on how good this book was. I texted you ladies all times of the night and y’all were right there ready to give me the honest feedback that I needed, and I’m so thankful and grateful. I honestly don’t think I could’ve made it through without y’all. Thanks so much!

To all of my ladies in my readers group “Johnazia’s Motivational Dream Chasers” I love y’all to the max! I’ve met some wonderful women, and some amazing friends and I am so grateful for the connection that all of us have. Y’all motivate me and keep me on my toes, and I love that. Can’t wait to meet you all. :: Hugs and kisses:

To all of my family and friends that support me, THANK YOU! Thank you and I love you all so much. This journey have been so amazing with y’all on my side! I love it!

To my publisher, my team, and all of my supporters I just want to thank y’all for the genuine love, and support that I receive. I’m so appreciative. I honestly thank God for y’all. It’s a blessing to be a part of such an amazing team.

To everyone that will be reading this book I pray that you enjoy it. I’m claiming that this book will open so many doors for me, so when you’re saying a prayer make sure you add me and this book in there. *Giggles* God bless and enjoy!

Chapter 1

Michelle laid in bed with her sorry baby daddy lying on the side of her. After a session of great sex, she stared at the ceiling and wondered why the hell she allowed his dead beat ass to hit it once again. Charles and Michelle both met when she was fifteen years old. They had a ten-year-old daughter together who they both loved to the moon and back. Charles was only a dead beat because that’s what Michelle allowed. But, she was finally tired of it.

He slept comfortably in her king size sleigh bed. Michelle had worn his ass completely out. The only reason Michelle continuously had sex with him was because he was the best that she ever had. See, Michelle birthed her daughter ten years ago. Her mother was so disappointed because she always thought that Michelle was the most perfect child in the world. When Michelle’s parents found out that she was pregnant by an eighteen-year-old boy, the first thing her mother hollered was pressing charges. The only thing that saved Charles was Michelle’s daddy, Luke. He figured since him and Michelle’s mom, Shirley, did the same thing when they were younger, they would be hypocrites to jam Charles up.

Michelle knew nothing about having a baby because she was just a baby herself. She even wanted to have an abortion but her mother figured since she wanted to be grown, she was going to step up and raise a baby like she was grown. At first, Charles was a great father to their baby girl Briana, but after a while, he gave up. He used to go to Boston University but was kicked out after being caught selling drugs on campus. After being arrested and kicked out of school, he turned to the street life, which only sent back and forth to jail. His entire background was fucked up after a while, so after that, he gave up.

Even though Michelle was young, her parents made sure she stayed in school. She graduated high school with a 4.0 grade point average at the age of sixteen due to great grades, hard work, and determination. She received a full scholarship to go to University of Massachusetts. At the age of twenty-two, Michelle graduated and received a Social Work Degree. She worked with kids for a long time, but soon she decided that she no longer wanted to do that, so she went back to school to get her degree in Office Administration. Michelle was always a smart girl and she always took care of her daughter with or without Charles, thanks to her parents, but now she was finally over him and his bullshit.

Michelle was scheduled to graduate from Boston University in two weeks and she needed to focus. She couldn’t do that with Charles all up in her ass though. Right now, Michelle was unemployed. She had gotten fired from her job two weeks ago because she kept calling out due to her daughter being sick from her cancer disease. She really enjoyed being the head receptionist at the Cannon Design center, but she knew that her time there was up when they couldn’t understand that she had a daughter that was sick from cancer. Briana had been diagnosed with bone cancer last year and it broke Michelle’s heart. It hurt Charles too, but he had a terrible way in showing it. Michelle had to fly with Briana back and forth to her doctors in Pensacola, Florida and her managers just couldn’t take it anymore. When they laid her off, Michelle was heartbroken. She had given those son of a bitches two years of hard work and they laid her off. Although she didn’t need the job, she had finally found one that she loved and got attached to. She could’ve had her parents to help her, but she figured they had done more than enough, even though they wouldn’t have mind helping her with Bri. Her parents didn’t know that she was out of work and they also thought that Charles had been helping her at one point, but her father knew better. It crushed everyone when they found out that Briana had cancer, but they had to stay strong for her.

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