Bad Boy's Bridesmaid(255)

By: Sosie Frost

The door nearly closed. I forced it open again. “I know what’s been happening. I know Maddox was giving him money to keep you safe.”

Chelsea groaned. “Why doesn’t anyone understand? John loves me. He wants to run away with me.”

Delta shared my glance. The poor girl was completely taken with a man who would destroy her.

“Right now, Chief Craig is saying Maddox tried to hurt me. He didn’t. If I go down there and argue with him, he’ll murder Maddox. I can’t do anything to help him.”

She touched the bruise on her face. “But what can I do? I’m nothing.”

“You have to come forward about the affair.”

The door almost closed again. Delta and I both pushed it open. Chelsea teared up and hid her face.

“I can’t do that,” she said.

“It’s for Maddox.”

“John will hate me.”

“Do you really want to be with a man who would threaten your brother? After everything Maddox has done for you?”

She picked at the paint on the door. “Josie, I’m a junkie. I’m a whore. No one in this town would believe me. John is the only way I can escape this life and become something more.”

“Will he actually help you?” I asked.

“I…he said he would.”

I didn’t believe her, and I knew she didn’t believe him. “Maddox and I will help you. But you’re the only one who can save him now. Please, Chelsea. I can’t do this without you.”

She shook her head, blonde hair falling over her eyes. The door slowly closed. Latched.

“No!” I pounded the frame. Delta pulled me back. “Chelsea, please. I’m begging you. I love Maddox. I’m trying to protect him. I won’t let anything happen to you, but you have to help me.”

“Josie…” Delta tugged on my arm. “Come on. We gotta get you back to the hospital.”


“We can try again tomorrow. The doctors are going to freak out if you aren’t in your bed.”

I broke down. I couldn’t leave. I fought away from Delta’s arms.

“He won’t survive the night.” I coughed too hard, and the words tumbled from me in a blitz of fear. “The chief will kill him tonight. No one would know it wasn’t a suicide. No one would care!”

Delta took my hand. I batted her away. “We’ll figure something out.”

“No! It has to be now! It has to be this. God only knows what will happen to him—and if Nolan…” I didn’t want to imagine it. I’d be sick thinking about it. “Nolan will come after me too. We’re not safe. We need—”

The door opened.

Chelsea shouldered a book bag and bundled a jacket in her arms. She hid the track marks, but the bruise on her cheek said more than the scars on her arm.

“He wasn’t really going to leave his wife, was he?” Her whisper broke my heart.

I shook my head. “No.”

“He spent the money Maddox gave him on a necklace for her. I saw it.”

I pulled her into a hug. “It’ll be okay. Trust me.”

“How are we going to do it without…” Chelsea’s lip trembled. “John has a temper.”

Easy. We needed to expose the secret, and I worked for a newspaper. It wouldn’t be a Pulitzer Prize winning article, but it’d reveal the corruption.

“I’ll take you to my editor,” I said. “We’ll give him the story and bring down both Chief Craig and Nolan Rhys. It’ll be on the Saint Christie Reporter blog in the morning and printed in the paper by the evening.”

I led Chelsea to Delta’s car, squeezing her hand as she hesitated before the door.

“But what if John wants to get revenge?” she asked.

“We won’t let him,” I promised. “Because we’ll have justice.”

Chapter Twenty Two – Maddox

The cell’s metal bars separated me from Chief Craig.

I didn’t know if they protected me or him.

The police denied me the hospital and elected for medical treatment at the station. That was probably a lawsuit waiting to happen, but I doubted I’d get a chance to talk to an attorney. We skipped the phone call. The finger prints. All due-process.

Whatever happened tonight wouldn’t be lawful.

The chief’s stare burned through me. I wasn’t intimidated. How the hell did a man as old and weak as him have power over me? He abused my sister. He took my money. We had nothing left to exchange except a resolution to a long-standing problem.

We both wanted the other dead.

If he stepped into my cell, one of us would die. My foot already was halfway in the grave. The other slipped in the puddle of blood that pulsed from my head.

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