Bad Boy's Bridesmaid(256)

By: Sosie Frost

I stood, even though the injury throbbed and my body ached. I didn’t need rest. If the chief had it his way, I’d get plenty from my long nap when I hanged from the bars.

The lieutenant stapled the last of my paperwork and turned off his desk lamp. “Chief, do you need any help?”

“No,” Chief Craig said. His hands lingered too close to his belt, to the Taser inches from his fingertips. “I got it from here, Ted. Thanks for the overtime tonight.”


The lieutenant gathered his belongings. I studied the cell. I had nothing inside the cement walls. I’d have to defend myself from a man armed with pepper spray, a Taser, and a gun with only my trembling hands, scraped and burned from the fire.

But I had plenty to fight for.

Josie. Our baby. Justice.

Nothing was going to keep me from taking what was mine.


The lieutenant was leaving just as a call came in. He reached for it over the desk, answering with an exhausted grunt.

“You know Nolan Rhys abducted Josie Davis.” I kept my voice low. Not that it mattered. I figured the Chief already shut off the cameras facing the cell. “Rhys would have killed me and her.”

“That’s not what Mayor Rhys said.”

“Ask Josie.”

“I have her statement.” His eyebrow perked. “Looks like she sold you out again, Maddox.”

“Yeah. Right.”

“I’m afraid you’ll be spending the night in this jail cell.”

“Will I wake up?”

He smirked. “Doubtful.”

The lieutenant frowned. He set the phone on his chest, muffling the receiver. “Hey, Chief? It’s Sean from the Reporter. He says he has a couple questions for you.”

Chief Craig waved a disinterested hand. “Tell him I’ll issue a statement about the fire in the morning. I need to get my facts straight first.”

“Like the identity of the arsonist?” I asked.

He snorted. “Why weren’t you DoA when I got there?”

“Just lucky, I guess.”

“Uh, Chief?” The lieutenant interrupted us. “He says it isn’t about the fire.”

“Then take a message.”

“He wants to talk to you—says it’s urgent.”

Chief Craig hissed at his officer. “What could be that urgent?”

“It’s pertaining to Chelsea Maddox.”

The fuck?

Chief Craig spun for me, launching at my neck through the bars. I leapt away as his lieutenant shouted, tearing the chief off the door before he ripped it from the hinges.

“What the hell did that little whore say?” He yelled. “What did you do?”

Hell if I knew.

Chelsea didn’t have the sense to go to the media about their affair. She was content to keep it hidden, just taking her beatings and working through her daddy issues with the drugs the chief gave her.

The front door chimed, and the lieutenant yanked the chief back to his desk. We all stared at the angel who greeted us with sugar dusted wings and a smile sweet as honey.

“Chief Craig…” Josie marched to the cell doors. “I’d like to amend my statement about what happened tonight. It was Mayor Nolan Rhys who kidnapped and attempted to murder me.”

Her eyes glittered with tears as she met my gaze.

“Andrew Maddox is innocent.”

Chapter Twenty Three – Maddox

Josie wasn’t harmed in the fire, and the baby was okay.

It was the greatest news I heard since they gave me parole. Hell, it was the best thing that happened to me since the first time Josie whispered that she had feelings for me. That was also the first time I slept with her, and not many moments were greater than that one.

But what was the point of having a family if we didn’t make new and better memories? I wasn’t an optimist, but Josie made the world seem damn rosy, sugar-frosted and perfect.

I drew her bath when we got home from the hospital. Not something I normally did or ever thought I’d do for someone else, but hell. I was open to new experiences. And it had its perks. A bath relaxed her, softened her skin, made her goddamned cuddly.

I sat on the bed, welcoming her into my lap as she gave me a kiss. Whatever concussion or headache or bullshit plaguing my head faded the instant her lips touched mine.

She needed to rest. I needed to let her.

Instead, my hand snaked around the plush robe hiding her curves. She didn’t stop me, and I tugged on the belt until the hint of her beautiful, toffee-colored skin peeked from beneath the pink cotton.

She was naked, silky, and I hardened entirely too much so near her. The robe slipped from her shoulders. I stared at her curves.

A man could die happy with just a glimpse of her body.

But I wasn’t going anywhere.

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