Bad Boy's Bridesmaid(257)

By: Sosie Frost

Her lips parted, breathless even without my touch. I loved that I had that effect on her, but I loved more the timid mews I’d earn from those pouty lips.

I pulled her into my arms. My hands actually trembled touching her, like I had no idea how rough I’d grab or if I’d accidentally bruise her soft skin. Her fingers brushed my cheek. She smirked.

“What’s wrong?” Josie whispered. “You look so serious.”

“I am.”


The words came out too gruff. “You’re pregnant, Sweets.”

Her smile only grew. “Yeah?”

“I don’t want…you’re…”


“I’m rough with you. I shouldn’t be.”

Josie edged closer, her breasts rising as she sucked in a breath. “What if I like it that way?”

“I don’t know how to be gentle.”

“I don’t need gentle. I just need you.” Her fingers traced my jaw. Her dark eyes glimmered, full of mischief and desire and…love. “I’ve always needed you. You’re completely untamed, Maddox. You’re wild and passionate, and I love feeling so safe in your arms, even when you’re being…you.”

I kissed her. The flick of her tongue flexed my cock. My hands tightened before I could stop myself. I dropped her on the bed, but I rested beside her instead of falling over her hips. At least this old dog could learn a new trick.

“If you only knew the things I wanted to do to you,” I grunted.

“Do them.”

“But you’re carrying my baby.”

Her eyebrow perked. Naughty. “And how do you think we made that baby?”

“Don’t tell me I’ve turned my good girl bad?”

Josie bit her lip. “Maybe?”

“Everyone was right…” I spread her legs, dropping to the bed to get close to her trembling, beautiful slit. “I am a bad influence on you.”

“I think you rubbed off a little.”

“Is that a hint?” My finger traced a gentle line over her folds. “That I just rubbed you off a little?”

Josie flinched as I flicked her clit. So sensitive. Every little quiver of those petals, every clench of her perfect tightness tempted me to do something worse. Something we both wanted. Something I couldn’t control if I took.

Her hips arched as I touched her. She drew closer, wanting more, murmuring so sweetly I’d have to be heartless to deny her.

I was the worst man in the world for her…but I’d fool everyone, even myself, if I had a chance to become hers.

She didn’t need my fingers over her slit, especially when they moved too fast. A kiss was safer. At least I could disguise my desire, my aggression, with the gentle weaving of my tongue.

Josie gripped the bed. My lips sealed over her clit, and I suckled too roughly. Her voice pitched high, and I withdrew.

That only made her cry out, empty.

“Maddox, more.”


Her delicate words verged on begging, and I was too hard, too excited, too goddamned in awe of her to let her shift away.

I obeyed her and surrendered to myself, grasping her hips and drawing her upon my mouth. That sweetness erupted, and Josie’s breathy whisper encouraged every lap of my tongue and brush of my lips. I hadn’t shaved, and I knew the stubble on my chin and cheek would irritate her delicate thighs.

It didn’t stop her from threading her fingers in my hair. She squeezed her legs around me as her body tensed. An orgasm rolled over her, delivering her Heaven upon my mouth.



Josie moaned against the bed, wiggling deeper into her blankets as a satisfied smile teased her lips. I couldn’t help myself. With a trembling hand, I placed my fingers low on her belly. Her palm covered mine, pressing harder. I had no idea what to do. What to think. How to feel.

She was carrying my baby.

Every instinct in my body turned primal.

I growled her name, low and throaty, and seized her legs. Josie expected it, surrendering immediately as I spread her again. I released my cock from my pants, but I didn’t bother kicking off my jeans. No time, no patience. Nothing would keep me from taking this woman.

I sunk within her, tangling her in my arms as I thrust deep and immediate. She cried out, silenced on my kiss. Her fingers dug into my shoulders. I shuddered.

Too hard? No…

Josie immediately came for me, quaking over my cock and milking me with her clenching tightness. My name breathed from her lips again and again, a melody of gratitude and pleasure and…


Goddamn, when did I ever get this lucky? I seized her, but a pounded release wasn’t what I needed…wanted…

I had no idea what would ease the ache inside me. I had to feel her. To experience that closeness and know that nothing would ever pull us apart again. Especially since we created something that would unite us forever.

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