Blood Moon (Entangled Select Otherworld)

By: Lisa Kessler

a Moon series novel


From the Journal of Dr. M. Granger – Journal Entry 522

Today during General Miller Sloan’s debriefing, he revealed that a female human subject was bitten by the last surviving member of the second Lycan Green Beret Squad. The general reported the female survived the initial attack, and we have confirmed through outside sources that she displays psychic abilities and subsequently survived the conversion.

According to our primary research, a human mind cannot metabolize the sudden adrenal gland stimulation. Yet this woman is still alive. I am anxious to run thorough tests on the subject before her inevitable demise. The research could prove to be priceless to our mission.

Unfortunately, the female subject is under the protection of a werewolf Pack in Reno. Delivering her to our research center is currently impossible without attracting police attention. In order to study the effects of the altered werewolf DNA, I will be traveling to Reno, Nevada, to “assist” in her treatment. Nero is arranging the details with the general’s assistance.

Project Moonlight is alive once more.

Chapter One


“How come I don’t feel anything yet?” I held my hand up toward the moon, waiting for the silver light to work its magic.

I’d been sedated after I was bitten, my blood infected with mutated werewolf DNA. Jason hoped that by keeping me unconscious, I could avoid the change during my first full moon, buying him a little more time to find a cure. For just over a month now, I’d been struggling with coming to terms with my fate. I went from being curled into a ball of self-pity, to gradually realizing that if I couldn’t change it, I’d do my best to embrace it. I could wallow in terror and be a victim, or I could do my best to really live with whatever time I had left.

I chose to live.

The closer we got to the full moon, the more my anticipation grew.

How many people would ever experience becoming a wolf? I could worry about the consequences later.

“You will,” Jason replied, but he gave off waves of concern. In fact, almost all the Pack members present were full of worry, tense and uncertain.

I sighed and dropped my hand to my side. “Why don’t you guys go on ahead? You’re making me nervous.”

Jason shook his head. “That’s not a good idea.”

“Let’s be honest. If something goes wrong, you don’t know how to help me, anyway.” Hearing me say the words out loud would ruffle Jason, but it was true. Even though he was the Pack’s doctor, no one knew how my body would react to the change since I’d been bitten by a genetically mutated werewolf.

My throat started to burn. Was I finally shifting? “Please go. I don’t want to do this with an audience.”

Jason ground his teeth together and looked over at Adam, the Pack’s Alpha. “You take the Pack. I’ll stay with her.”

“No.” I shook my head and stared at each handsome male until my gaze locked onto a pair of dark eyes set in a chiseled emotionless face. Perfect. “Gareth. He can stay with me and signal you if I have any trouble.”

I’ve been able to sense and experience others’ emotions since childhood, my “gift” as my mother called it. After years of practice, hiding my reactions to the emotions of other people around me usually came as second nature. But I almost laughed when waves of surprise and shock slammed into me from Jason and the rest of the Pack.

“Is there a problem?” I did my best to keep my expression neutral.

Jason opened his mouth to say something a couple of times before he gestured in Gareth’s direction. “Yes, there’s a problem. I’m the doctor in this Pack.”

Gareth walked toward Jason and crossed his arms. “You don’t think I’m capable of letting you know if she sprouts two heads?”

Jason straightened, the heat of his aggression prickling along my skin. At least it took his mind off being concerned about me dying during my first full moon.

“It’s not that simple.” Jason’s voice was low and menacing, not like the quick-thinking doctor I’d spent time with over the past few weeks. “We don’t know how Fonthill’s bite will affect her. She could suffer a brain hemorrhage or an outburst of paranoia. I’m pretty sure you’re not equipped to handle that.”

“Give me a little credit.” Gareth’s jaw twitched as he clenched his hands into fists. “You’d be surprised what I can handle.”

“All right, stop it.” I winced as an invisible vise tightened on my head. “If I do have some strange reaction, we don’t even know if you can treat it with medicine. If this is going to be my one and only shift, I don’t want to do it with a bunch of guys who are so worried about me that I can’t tune their emotions out. Is that too much to ask?”

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