Certified Bosset 5

By: CoCo Dior

In Spite of the Bosset Life


I give all the praise and glory to the most high God.

Luke 1:37 “For nothing will be impossible with God”


To my brother Anthony. Your little sister is doing everything she loves because you are here today. Cancer free and being a phenomenal brother, father, and husband! I love you

BOSSET Series Part 5

In Spite of the Bosset Life

Chapter 1

“All rise... this court is now in session. The honorable Judge Susie presiding.... you now can be seated,” said the officer in uniform. I was shitting bricks. My life was on the verge of collapsing. I couldn’t hear shit and I was in the daze. We were in the court for hours and I was growing restless. I didn’t feel comfortable because the same officers that been fucking with me was in the courtroom hoping my ass got life.

My case was Federal and they weren’t use to these cases going to trial. The state dropped my case long ago but it surely got picked up by the Feds. In a Fed case, everyone always pled guilty and took the sentence. Not me. I had to fight for my freedom. I couldn’t stay in prison. I had to take a chance of getting the max for the crimes that was thrown at me. Reading through my file and seeing Koì Jordan vs United States had me deep in prayer.

It felt like an eternity and I felt like I would be sick. The jury of twelve appeared to be sticking to their twenty years with no parole. I was finished. They were trying to paint this picture of a monster with lack of evidence.

If I didn’t walk out today, then I knew I was going to die. My new lawyer, thanks to Sebastian, was sweating trying to stay up on game. I gave him all the information I could to help my case. By noon, the judge wanted to go on break.

“This is not state. This shit done went Federal. Don’t freeze up now,” said Abir, whispering in my lawyer’s ear. Abir had been nothing but nice to me since the start of the trial. Even though the last time I saw him, I had dissed him to get back with Ace.

I gave Abir no conversation because I had too much to deal with. I was pregnant, my husband was probably dead somewhere, and I was facing big boy charges. During the break, I did nothing but cry. I knew after the short break, I would get treated like an animal and get thrown with the wolves.

“I got this. Just give me the papers,” said Abir, growing frustrated. He moved the old white lawyer right out the way. He took charge and used the last five minutes of break to study my case. Judge Susie was back on stand and we were back on.

“Judge, there has been a new attorney put in place for Mrs. Jordan. We wish for more time since it’s been such a short notice,” said my now ex-lawyer. He knew personally that Sebastian was gonna send them goons to his house if I didn’t get off. He was sweating and Judge Susie granted Abir another hour to get up to date. It seemed that my case had been padded with murder charges and attempts. If Abir could deliver the right amount of evidence, I could be set free.

“So, how were you affording this lifestyle before Ace?” asked Abir, looking at the papers. My life had become an open book now and I didn’t like it.

“I graduated high school at sixteen. I worked and went to college. I have a degree. I graduated at the top of my class. I was on the dean’s list my whole college career. I’m not some dumb hood chick, Abir.”

“Calm down. I’m here to help you. I’m just trying to make sure I have everything straight. If they bring something up in that courtroom when it’s time to go back in there, I’m going to be pissed. I just want to make sure I’m not missing any of this. You can be a free woman. You just have to be open with me. Tell your story in the time we have left,” said Abir, caressing my hand in a way he shouldn’t had. I hadn’t been touched that way since Ace left. I couldn’t lie and say it didn’t feel good now. I told him a simpler story I told Ace that day in his car. I didn’t leave too much out and kept it real over all. I had nothing else. A part of me couldn’t allow myself to share what I shared with my husband to Abir. I did go forth and say how the officers assaulted me and didn’t give me my rights in the interrogation room

“It’s show time. I’m gon make sure you go home,” said Abir with confidence. Once we got in the courtroom, Abir lived up to it. He did what Sebastian was paying the other two lawyers to do, get me off. I was given five years parole and let go with some hefty fines. I couldn’t afford to pay that shit and it started to stress me. Sebastian promised that I had no worries though. I was found innocent on all accounts.

I walked out the courthouse with tears in my eyes and camera crews all around. Abir covered me and ushered me into the black Escalade. I really became the number one topic. They were crowding the truck and screaming questions at the tinted windows.

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