By: Alexa Riley

When we get outside, my driver has the door open, and I let her get in first. She looks at me and raises an eyebrow before she slides in the back. The town car has privacy glass in place and is a little larger than a regular sedan. This offers us a smaller space than a limo, but still plenty of seclusion.

I get in after her and close the door. Once we’re enclosed in the back, I take her hand and hold it in mine. I need the lightning that flows between us to come back. As soon as I make contact, it’s there, and so is the heat. It’s an instant attraction. It’s as if my soul has finally found its other half.

“Do you feel that?” I ask, looking down at our hands. “That’s not just me, is it? I’m terrified I’m just imagining it.” Looking up into her gorgeous green eyes, I see equal parts shock and desire.

“This is crazy,” she whispers, as if she can’t believe it either.

Suddenly, Cali’s lunging for me, and her lips are crushing mine. I run my fingers to the back of her neck, gripping her gorgeous red hair. I hold her steady and take over the kiss, controlling it and dominating her. She may have been the one to start it, but I’ll be the one holding the reins.

Her soft lips are full and demanding, and I open, giving her what she needs. I sweep my tongue past them and taste her sweetness as she moans into my mouth. She presses her body against mine, and her lush curves have me nearly cumming in my slacks.

I turn us so I’m on my knees in front of her, and her legs go around my waist. My hands roam down her thick waist and chubby thighs, and I dig my fingers in there. Her softness makes me want to mold my body to hers right this second. Her teeth bite my bottom lip, and it takes everything in me not to cum.

She tastes like sweet honeysuckle, and I want to kiss her for all eternity.

“What’s happening?” she moans as I push the ridge of my cock against her. “This is insane,” she says against my lips, and I go back to kissing her.

Moving my lips down her neck, I nibble her there and feel her body shudder under mine. Tracing her delicate skin with my tongue, I thrust against her again, and she tenses.

“My sweet Cali. I’ve got you.”

Her hands go to my hair, clinging to me as I reach under her skirt. I look up into her eyes as my hand slides up her thigh, waiting for her to tell me to stop. When I reach her panties, I pull them to the side and pause, needing to hear to say she wants this, too.

“Don’t stop.” She raises her hips in invitation, and I slide my hand to her pussy. Parting her lips with my fingers, I feel how wet she is for me. “Oh, God,” she moans and lays her head back against the seat.

My mouth moves to her cleavage, popping a few of the buttons on her blouse, and I bury my face there as I rub her clit, giving her the release she needs. I’ll give her anything she wants. All she needs to do is ask. I will devote my life to waiting hand and foot on her if that’s what she desires. She is mine to protect and to cherish, always.

As I rub circles around her clit, her moans get louder and louder. I love that she’s making so much noise. I want the whole goddamn city to know she’s getting off and I’m the one doing it.

Her legs start to shake under me, and I feel her pussy clenching as I rub her to an orgasm.

Her body shudders, and she shouts her release while gripping me to her and saying my name.


Her sexy sounds and lush body are too much. There’s an ache in me that I’ve never felt before, but somehow I manage not to cum on myself, instead concentrating on giving her the best orgasm of her life. I want to be the best she’s ever had, and I’m going to prove that to her. Make it so she craves me like I crave her.

I sweetly pet her pussy as she comes down from her peak, and I place soft kisses up her neck and to her lips.

When she’s completely wrung out, I take my hand away from her heat and bring my fingers to my mouth, tasting her pussy. The flavor hits my lips, and I can’t help but close my eyes and moan, savoring the flavor of her.

When I open them again, she’s staring at me, a blush on her cheeks.

“Fucking delicious,” I say, leaning in and kissing her so that she can taste it for herself. I want to rip her panties off her body and plant my face between her thick thighs, eating up what’s left of her orgasm.

Pulling away, I look down at her soft green eyes and stroke her cheek. “My God, you are beautiful.”

“What are we doing?” She smiles up at me, touching my face just as gently as we hold one another.

“Falling in love.”

Chapter 9


Holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck. I feel like I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and I don’t want to look back. I want to chase him and get lost in this man.

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