By: Alexa Riley

“Sounds a little boring.” I take another bite of the hot dog.

“It was.”

“Was?” I query.

“I seem to have picked up a new interest. One that is filling my days and isn’t the least bit boring.” He smirks at me, and I know he’s talking about me.

“Women?” I ask. I shouldn’t. I don’t really want to know, but another part of me does. He looks like a man who has women throwing themselves at him. Hell, all the models at the shoot today wanted to. To top it off, he’s clearly filthy rich.

“What about them?” His brow furrows in confusion.

“Women in your life.”

“Sally was the only woman in my life until a week ago.”

I freeze and pull back. I was sure there was nothing between him and Sally. When she was in here, she seemed more motherly than anything.

“Are you full?” He looks at the half-eaten hot dog, clearly unhappy that I don’t want to finish it.

“You and Sally have a thing.”

“If having a thing means her driving me crazy at work and keeping my life in order, then we very much have a thing.”

“Okay.” I release a breath, relieved it wasn’t what I was thinking. He puts the food back on the plate.

“Cali, I haven’t had a woman in my life in a very long time. College maybe.” He says it like he can’t even remember. “You are the only woman for me. I knew it from the moment your picture landed on my desk. In fact, I’m starting to think part of me knew you were out there and that’s why no one has caught my attention, why I didn’t care to try to find a woman. It was like some part of me just knew and I was waiting for you.”

“I haven’t even been with anyone,” I tell him, feeling his whole body freeze under me. He doesn’t say anything, but I see his breathing start to deepen as he stares at me. His eyes are so intense I start to squirm in his lap.

“Are you done eating?” he finally says, his voice deeper than before.

“Yes, but aren’t you going to eat?”

“Yes,” he growls, lifting me from his lap with one arm. The other sweeps across the table, and everything flies to the floor. Before I can even react, my back hits the table, my skirt bunching at my hips. Flynn reaches for my exposed panties, ripping them from my body, gripping my thighs in his big hands as he pulls me to the edge of the table and holds me open for him.

He stares down at my exposed pussy.

“I wouldn’t have cared if you’d been with a hundred men. You’re mine now, so it wouldn’t matter to me because I’d be the last to touch you, but knowing now that you’ve been waiting gives me hope that you won’t fight me to keep you. That you know that this is where you belong.”

He drops to his knees, leaving me speechless. He leans in and I feel his breath against my bare pussy.

“You have no hair,” he says against me, then rubs his cheek against my pussy.

“I keep shaved for modeling,” I tell him, not wanting him to think I shaved for someone else.

“You’re even perfect here. I can’t seem to find one flaw with you.”

I want to tell him he’s wrong. I’ve got lots of flaws, many even mark up my body, but he doesn’t seem to see them. I believe him when he tells me he thinks I’m flawless. It’s been in his eyes all day. The way he looks at me. It’s written across his face.

Before I can tell him how wrong he is, his tongue licks my clit, and all thoughts leave my head. It’s slow and lazy, like he’s enjoying the taste, savoring it. My body jerks at the pleasure. The hands on my thighs tighten, and his possessive fingers dig into me, keeping me open to him.

“Flynn.” I moan his name, wanting more.

His tongue picks up speed, sliding across my clit, entering my pussy, then sliding back up to hit my clit again. It’s like he wants to taste all of my pussy and he has to lick every part of it.

“Flynn, please! I need to cum!” I beg, the need too much. He latches on to my clit, sucking it into his mouth and giving me what I’m begging for. I explode, my whole body jerking as ecstasy moves through me.

He releases my clit and starts biting and kissing the insides of my thighs. If it wasn’t for his hold, I’m sure my legs would have turned to Jell-O. I lie there, enjoying the pleasure still coursing through my body.

Slowly, the kisses on my thighs start to lead back in, and he’s on my clit again. Licking me slowly, lazily, like he’s savoring me all over again. The pleasure starts to build again, and just like last time, I beg for my orgasm. He immediately gives it to me, making my whole body jerk against his hold as he eats up my orgasm.

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