By: Alexa Riley

“No, no, no,” I chant, my pussy too sensitive to touch, and he goes back to kissing my thighs, licking and sucking them gently. Again, he moves back to my pussy, but this time he seems even hungrier than before. The savoring is gone. Now he’s starved as he eats at me. I can’t believe it’s possible, but without warning another orgasm is shooting through my body. This one so intense my back comes off the table. I use one hand to grab him by the hair, the other cupping my pussy to block his mouth. I pull him back by his hair. The sensations are too much. I feel like every part of my skin is sensitive.

His eyes come to mine. I pull his hair a little harder. There’s a primal look in eyes as he licks his lips. It’s like he’s trying to taste me now that I pulled him from the source.

“I can’t seem to stop. I want more.” He almost sounds pained.

I want to give him more, but I’m not sure how much more I can take. I need a minute.

“Take me to bed.”

In one swift move, he lifts me from the table, pulling me into his arms, and heads out of the dining room.

He takes the stairs two at a time before heading down a long hallway with double doors at the end. He flings them open, carries me over to a giant bed, and lays me down softly.

I watch as he strips off his clothes.

“Lights. I want to see you.” It’s too dark, and I’m not getting to see every inch of him like I want to.

He reaches over and flips on the lamp next to the bed, giving a soft glow to the room as he finishes stripping, almost tripping over his pants as he hastily pulls them off his legs.

His body is ripped. He seems even bigger with his clothes off, if that’s even possible. A thin layer of hair coats his chest, and I want to reach out and run my fingers through it, feeling it and the hardness of his chest. My eyes go to his stiff cock.

“Holy shit.” The thing matches him in size. It looks red and angry and cum leaks from the tip. I don’t know how that’s going to fit, but I’ll try anything to make it happen. I want him inside me, and that’s going to happen. He reaches down and gives it a firm stroke. Firmer than I would think you should stroke it.

“Don’t look at it. In fact, I think maybe you should just close your eyes. They’re going to make me cum,” he says in a strangled voice. “Fuck it. It doesn’t matter. All of you makes me want to cum.”

I crawl to the edge of the bed, his eyes watching me the whole time. I lean down and pick up the tie he’d dropped to the floor as he undressed. I grab it and drop back onto the bed, opening my legs, not caring how sensitive my pussy still feels from the pleasure he gave me. I want to give him the same.

I lick my lips. “Are you going to join me? This time we don’t have an audience.” I drop the tie between us and bring my hands to the bars of the headboard, wondering if he’s going to rip the remaining clothes from my body.

Chapter 10


Stalking over to the bed, I keep my eyes locked on her as I climb on. I crawl up to her and move over her body. She takes a shaky breath.

Her red hair is wild against the pillow, and I need to see her. Now. I still have the taste of her pussy on my mouth and it’s driving me insane. I need to be inside her body, and I can’t wait any longer.

I reach down and rip her shirt open. Buttons go flying. Her sheer bra is the one from the photo shoot today and I hate to shred it. I reach behind her, unbuckling it and then taking it from her before throwing it to the floor. Once I’ve got her completely undressed, I grab my tie and run the silky material over her lush curves.

Her full breasts bounce with her giggle as I watch her nipples harden.

“Hands back above your head,” I say, and she does as I ask.

I’m amazed at how much trust there is between us, how it developed so quickly, but this feeling is so unlike anything I’ve ever felt. The pull to her is unstoppable.

When I’ve finished binding her wrists loosely to the bed, I lean down and kiss her neck.

“You can pull your arms free if you want, my love. But the idea is to keep them there because I want them there. And I want to finish what we started on that photo set.”

She moans as my tongue runs down to her breast, and I take a nipple in my mouth.

“Yes.” She shouts, and I smile around a mouthful of her.

Moving between her legs, I glide the thick ridge of my cock across her clit, teasing us both. I feel cum pulse out a little at the end, and I look down to see it drip on her soft belly.

“Please, Flynn,” Cali pleads, and I look up to see the need in her eyes.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” I confess, knowing that penetrating her will hurt. I want to be inside her so bad, but not if it means causing her pain.

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