By: Alexa Riley

My thick cock continues to rub against her clit as I thrust my hips back and forth. Dragging the hard length up and down her pussy, but never going inside.

“Oh, God. Flynn, I’m in pain because you’re not inside me.”

I lean down, kissing her lips, and try to help with what I’m about to do. Moving my hips slightly, I line up with her opening and thrust in.

She cries out into my mouth, and I hold her to me as I kiss her softly, showing her that I have her, and I let the pain ease. She’s so tight that I can hardly fit. My cock is being squeezed to the point of pain. I can’t imagine what this feels like for her, because my cock is throbbing from being gripped so tightly.

Reaching between us, I thumb her clit gently, trying to coax her back to pleasure. After a few easy strokes, I feel her pussy relax, and some of the tension around my cock eases.

“That’s it, Cali. The worst part is over.”

I pet her body, trying to show her how thankful I am that she let me have her and how I’m going to take such good care of her. I try to let my lips and hands show her what I can provide as she starts to come back to life under me.

Her hips move slightly, tentatively asking for more. I hold still while she explores her new fullness, and I grit my teeth together to keep from cumming.

After a moment, she’s moving more under me, and I start to give her shallow thrusts. I cup her face as I look into her beautiful green eyes, thinking how lucky I am that I found the one.


My name is so soft and sweet coming from her lips, and I want to hear her say it just like that, every day for the rest of our lives.

My thrusts speed up, and my strokes lengthen. Soon I’m pulling almost all the way out of her, then thrusting back in. My thumb on her clit picks up pace, and I feel her clenches on my cock start.

“That’s it, baby. Let me feel it.” I want her to cum all over me. My mouth, my cock, I don’t care. I just want her pleasure on me. I want to wear it like a badge of honor so that everyone knows I’m claimed by her.

I take her lips in a deep kiss, sliding my tongue inside her mouth as her orgasm starts. I eat the sounds of her ecstasy, swallowing her cries of passion. I want that from her, too. I want anything she’ll give me. I want her love and her lust inside of me.

When her pussy clamps down on my cock, it’s more than I can stand, and I follow her over. I thrust into her one last time, holding myself deep inside her as I cum in deep waves. It’s never been so strong, and my balls draw up tight, filling her little pussy with everything I have.

I break our kiss and rest my forehead against hers as I cling her to body and let the pleasure flow between us. It’s the single greatest moment of my life, and I’m not in a rush to let it end.

“Goddamn. Is sex always that good?”

I growl, looking up at her, and I see her bite her lip.

“Our sex will always be like this, and you’ll never know any different.”

She gets a concerned look on her face and looks up into my eyes a little worriedly. “Was it always like this for you?”

I hold her face with both hands so she doesn’t miss a word of what I’m about to say. I want to make it crystal clear, and I never want another doubt in her mind.

“I’ve never felt as fucking perfect as I do right this second, and as long as I’ve got you by my side, I never have to think about not feeling this fucking perfect. Nothing in my life has ever been as amazing as what we just shared. Nothing. You’re different.” I look into her eyes, seeing a little tear form. I lean down, kissing it away, and look back into her deep green eyes.

“How do you know?” she asks, and I can see the pleading in her eyes.

“Because I didn’t exist until the day I saw you.”

Kissing away another tear, I move inside her a little. I’m still hard as a steel rod, and there’s no sign of it going anywhere.

She moans and raises her hips to meet my downward strokes.

I pull back and feel the wicked smile across my face. “Now I want you to roll over and get on your knees. I want you in the pose where you’re looking over your shoulder at me. I stood there in that studio hard as a brick, wanting to get on the bed behind you and sink into your sweet pussy. Now it’s time I got what I wanted.”

Chapter 11


Flynn’s body comes over me, caging me in, his body blanketing mine from behind. Every part of him seems to be touching me, making me feel small. This time when he thrusts into me, he easily slides in, his cum and my wetness from earlier making my pussy ready for him this time. No pain, only pleasure.

My fingers wrap around the bars of the headboard, my hands still tied there and holding me in place as he starts to drive in and out of me. He fucks me like he can’t get deep enough. Like it’s been years since the last time he had me and not just moments ago.

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