By: Alexa Riley

“So you’re just going to lock me away and fill me with babies?”

“No, of course not.” He says it like I’m the one who’s talking crazy. “I’m giving you Curved Intimates to do with as you wish. It’s what I was doing today.” He pulls a piece of paper out from inside his suit jacket and hands it to me. “It’s yours. You said owning a clothing line was your dream, so I’m giving it to you in the hopes that you’ll give me my dream. You.”

“Oh, Flynn.” My heart melts into a big pile of sticky goo. “I told you last night I was yours already. I’ll stay, but you can’t lock me into places just to make sure I’m there when you get back.”

He pulls back, looking at me like he doesn’t believe me.

“I was here last night, too. I know this is crazy, but I feel it, too. I don’t know what this is, and I don’t care how fast we’re going. I’m yours.”

Chapter 12


Holding her close to me, I look into her eyes and don’t hold anything back.

“I love you, Cali,” I say, and I put my finger over her lips to keep her from saying anything back. “You don’t have to say it back. I know this is soon, and it’s crazy, but I don’t ever want to keep any part of me from you. I love you, and I want to tell you so you know everything in my heart.”

I take my finger away and replace it with my lips before she can speak. I pick her up and carry her back to our bed, lying down on top of her. I kiss her until I can’t just kiss her anymore. I need more, and I want her, skin on skin.

Breaking the kiss, I start pulling off my suit hurriedly, trying to get back on her.

“As much as I love seeing you in my shirt and underwear, take them off, baby. It’s been seven hours and twenty-three minutes since I was last inside you, and I won’t wait a second longer.”

She giggles at my words, and I love the sound of it. Hearing her happy is all I ever want in the world. It’s what I’ll strive for for the rest of my life.

When I’m stripped naked, I watch as she slips off my clothes and lays bare before me. I stand in front of her, rubbing my cock, lazily jerking off to the sight of her.

“Spread your legs. Let me see it.”

Slowly she spreads her thighs, and I stare at her pussy as I rub my cock. I think my cock is even harder now because it knows how good it feels inside that sweet pussy.

“Now the lips.”

Her fingers slowly move between her thighs, and I know she’s teasing me. I see all the marks I left on her yesterday, and it just makes me growl, wanting to give them to her all over again. I speed up my rhythm, getting more aggressive by the second.

“Keep teasing me like that and you’re going to get it rougher than you’re ready for.”

She gives me a wicked smile and slowly moves her fingers to her pussy. “Maybe I want it rough,” she says, raising an eyebrow.

“If that’s what you want, baby. But you’re going to show me what I want before you get it.”

I lick my lips, waiting for her to do what I say, and finally her fingers go to where I want them. Her lips are slippery from her wet desire, and her fingers glide through them easily. I grip my cock tight at the base, trying to keep from cumming, when she spreads them apart and shows me her clit.

I want to eat her out again, but if I do, I’ll be at it for hours. Just one quick cum inside her and then I’ll eat it all day. I want to make sure she’s getting enough of my seed.

I growl again as she moves her fingers around her clit, and I watch her play with her pussy. There’s something so intimate about masturbating together, and I just stand there as she does it. I feel cum run down my shaft, the sticky substance rubbing between my fingers.

“Can I have a taste?” she asks, looking down at my cock.

Taking a step towards the bed, I reach down with one hand, taking her fingers away from her pussy and putting them to my mouth. Then I give her my fingers, letting her taste some of my cum on them.

Watching her suck two of my fingers in her mouth makes my cock throb. It wants to be where my hand is. I want to see her lips wrapped around my shaft, but right now, I want to be inside her. We’ve got our whole lives to live out every fantasy, so I’ll leave that for another day. Right this second, I can’t take the tease another moment.

Pulling my fingers from her mouth, I push her shoulder and she falls back onto the pillows, smiling. I grit my teeth as I grab her ankles, throwing both of them over my shoulders. I hold my cock out.

“I need you too bad, you little tease.”

“Who? Me?” Her wicked giggle turns into a moan when I thrust the full length of my cock inside her.

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