By: Alexa Riley

Holding her thick thighs with both hands, I slide in and out of her tight pussy, feeling it squeeze me so perfectly. I move my hands down to her lush ass, digging my fingers into the flesh there. Her ass is fucking thick, and I can’t get enough of it.

“Flynn,” she moans and throws her head back, lost in pleasure.

I grit my teeth and try to hold off so she cums first. I teased myself too much before, and I don’t know how long I can wait to cum.

I place one of her legs down on the bed while still keeping the other over my shoulder. It opens her pussy up for me, and I watch as my big cock disappears into her tight pussy with every stroke.

Reaching between us, I rub her clit and watch where our bodies are connected. I can see her pussy pulsing around me, and I feel her body edging closer to orgasm. The pressure on her hard nub has her clawing at the sheets, but I just keep stroking in and out of her pussy, hitting her sweet spots.

“Cum on me, Cali,” I whisper and feel her clamp down on me.

I thrust in hard one last time as the pulses of her orgasm roll through her body. I keep my eyes locked on her pussy, and I see my cock throb with every jet of cum I pump into her. It’s a beating muscle inside her, filling her full of semen.

When I finally empty everything into her, I take the ankle off my shoulder and lie down on top of her. I prop myself up on my elbows so I don’t crush her, but I don’t pull out. I want to stay inside her as much as possible, and I’m in no hurry to change that.

I look at her beautiful face. She’s got her eyes closed, a goofy grin on her lips, and she looks utterly spent.

I kiss her lips gently and then move my face to her neck, wanting to snuggle into her and sleep.

“I love you, Flynn,” I hear her say, and it makes my heart nearly burst in two. “We’ll figure everything out. We’ve got a lifetime to plan. I’m just happy I’ve found you.

Squeezing her tighter, I pull my face from her neck and look into her gorgeous green eyes.

“I love you, too, baby.” I feel her thumb wipe away some wetness on my cheek, and I just lean down, burying my face in her neck again. “I’m so happy,” I whisper against her skin.

She wraps her arms and legs around me, both of us clinging to one another. This is crazy-fast and out of nowhere, but life is all about living in the love. And I intend on doing that with Cali by my side.

Or under me.

Or on top of me.



4 years later…

I stand in the kitchen making lunch when Cali comes in. She laughs as she waddles into the room. She’s nine months pregnant. Her belly is so big, but she looks even more beautiful when she’s pregnant. She glows with happiness and pride as she rubs her tummy and snags a Goldfish Cracker from the plate.

“You’re going to steal your daughter’s snacks?” I tease, going over to her and wrapping my arms around her.

“Sadie is a little thief. She ate all the ones I had for a snack earlier.”

I press my face to her neck and kiss the soft skin there, breathing in her scent. Our little red-headed almost-five-year-old is sneaky like her mom.

“I wonder where she gets that from,” I say, nibbling on her earlobe.

“She’s just like you.”

I bite her ear, making Cali giggle as Sadie walks into the kitchen.

“Eww. You guys are kissing again,” she says and moves between us.

I reach down and pick her up, placing a kiss on her cheek. “There. Feel better?”

“Yes. Now it’s time for you both to come to my tea party. Bring the food, Daddy.”

With that, Sadie is out of my arms and headed back to the playroom where she’s setting up our tea.

I put my hands on Cali’s belly and rub her there, feeling our son kicking.

“He’s going to be a feisty one,” I say, raising an eyebrow at her.

“Just like his father.” She gives me a sweet smile and leans into my touch. “I think we need to take a nap today when Sadie does.”

“Oh, really? Is this one of those naps where we don’t sleep? Because I like those naps.”

“Maybe,” Cali says, turning to walk from the kitchen.

I reach out, grabbing her hips and pulling her lush ass back against my growing erection.

“Maybe?” I say, kissing the spot below her ear. She loves it when I kiss her there. I run my tongue along there, and she shivers against me.

“Definitely.” The word is breathy, and I smile against her neck.

“I like this dress. Is it yours?” I ask, running my hands up and down her sides.

Cali not only took over Curved Intimates and made it a success, she expanded the brand into a clothing line, complete with full-figure maternity clothes.

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