By: Alexa Riley

“Don’t,” I bite out, making him pause, the confusion on his face growing. “Who is this?” I demand, needing more information on her. Anything.

“Oh. Just an idea I was thinking about. Going a little old school with some of the looks and appealing to all body types.”

“Her name?” I push, and she reaches for the binder. I pull it back, not wanting it taken from me. Almost like a toddler with his favorite toy.

“If you flip a few pages, it should be in the front. Before her pictures start,” she says, seeing that I’m not going to give her back the binder.

I turn the book around to me and hurriedly flip through the pages until I get to the front.

Cali Carr.

Measurements: 40”/32”/48” (Bust/Waist/Hips)

Dress size: 14 Shoe Size: 8

I turn the page, hoping there’s another picture of her. The one on the bed made it hard to see her face. I flip to the next page, and I literally have to sit down in my chair. She’s smirking in the picture. Her full lips are just as lush as the rest of her. Her skin is flawless, a creamy white making the little freckles that sprinkle her upturned button nose even more noticeable.

But what really gets me are her stunning eyes. They’re a deep green like nothing I’ve never seen before. In contrast with her red hair, they are unmissable.

“Sir,” I hear Lynn say, and I look up at her. I have no idea how long I’ve been staring at the picture.

“I want her.”

“Okay. I’ll put her on the list. I have a few more for you to look at.”

She tries to hand me another binder, but I have no desire to look at pictures of other women. What would be the point? They’d all pale in comparison. I’ve just seen perfection and I know nothing could beat it.

“No. I’ll leave it to you and Mark to handpick the rest of the girls for the shoot.” I stand up from my chair.

“Or course, sir. We’ll get it all worked out.”

“The shoot will be next week,” I tell them. I want to see her as soon as possible.

“I don’t think—”

“It will be next weekend. If the model’s photographer or something can’t make it, book someone else. But she,” I hold up the binder with her picture in it, “better be there. I don’t care what it costs.”

Standing up, I hold the binder in front of my crotch to hide my erection. I click the intercom.

“Sally, can you call my driver? I’m going down,” I inform her.

“Leaving already?” I can hear the shock in her voice.

“Yes.” I release the button. “Feel free to use my office until you’re done. I’ll see you tomorrow, Mark.” I head for the door with the binder still in front of me, hiding my very prominent arousal. I stop before I exit. “Send me any and all information you have on her, Lynn.”

“You’ll have it this evening,” she says, looking at me with big eyes.

I nod before exiting my office. I had better things to do tonight than spend it in my office. I have a binder half-full of pictures of my Cali.

Chapter 2


“Tomorrow?” I can hardly keep the shock out of my voice.

I’ve been in the mountains with my family on a ski trip for the past three days, and I’ve been away from all communication. We were in a cabin in the mountains, and nobody got cell reception up there. It was actually kind of nice to unplug with them for a few days while we all played in the snow.

But when we got down the mountain, my phone came to life, and I had a slew of missed calls and texts telling me to call immediately. I thought someone had died, but no. It was actually Rita, the chick in charge of me, running around like crazy.

Normally I don’t have a problem with a booking because when I get called for a shoot, they’re scheduled months in advance. Now my agency is telling me that I have to get my butt on a plane right now, so that I can be in Los Angeles tomorrow.

“Yes. The marketing director was very specific.” I hear Rita let out a sigh. “If I could have gotten ahold of you when I found out, this wouldn’t all be so last minute.”

I can hear the annoyance in her voice, but I just let it go. We both want me to work. I want to do my thing and make some money, and so does she. This is business, so I pull out my positive attitude and get things moving.

“I can be ready in fifteen. Just tell me which gate my plane is leaving from.”

As Rita gives me the details, I run around my apartment, throwing shit in a bag. I know they’ll have everything I need at the photo shoot, so I just bring essentials. I have a girlfriend who lives in LA, so I toss in a couple of fun outfits in case we feel like going out after I’m finished with the shoot.

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