By: Alexa Riley

I look over at the other man, and he looks just as put together as Bray. That guy seems more laid back, with a smile playing at his lips. He’s attractive, but not as handsome as Bray. I’m starting to think no one is.

“I can be some entertainment for the right price, if that’s what you’re looking for. It turns out I’m in the market for a new job,” I say, shooting Mr. Vanilla a hard look before turning back to the other man and winking.

“Is that right? I’d be more than willing to help out a woman in need,” he says as he adjusts himself. I’m not a promiscuous girl. In fact, I’m a virgin. But I know how to use my body to get what I want. A little flirting can go a long way to getting things when you need them. I’m not holding on to my virginity, I just never had a reason or desire to give it up. I don’t think I ever felt attraction until I met Bray. Then he reminded me he’s just like the rest.

Glancing back over at Bray, I can see his mouth has fallen open in shock. When his eyes lock with mine his anger shines through. That’s a first. This might be the most emotion I’ve ever seen from him. I want to push it. I want him as mad as I am. He comes into my job and gets me fired. Well, I’ll come into his office and cause havoc. Maybe even mess up a business deal.

As I make my way towards the other man, I run my finger along one of the shelves that line the wall. One by one I start pushing things off the shelf with a soft shove. The trinkets hit the marble floor, their crashes ringing out in the room. Things break but I don’t skip a beat.

A loud female gasp behind me lets me know that Cindy is back.

“Security is on their way, Mr. Spencer,” she squeaks in that same voice as before. How he deals with that every day is a wonder. He doesn’t acknowledge her, he just keeps staring at me while I continue my assault on his shelves. When I reach the end, I turn and make my way over to the other man, stopping when I’m standing between his legs.

I make my intentions known by raising my eyebrows and looking down at him in his seat. When he pats his lap I straddle him.

“Want a taste?” I ask huskily. “You know, before you buy it.”

I glance back over at Bray who is now white-knuckling his glass desk. He looks to be gripping it so hard it could actually shatter under his grasp. Turning back to the guy I’m sitting on, I lean in to kiss him. I feel his breath hit my lips, but before he makes contact, I’m in the air. I feel myself fly off his lap and land behind Bray, who now faces his friend. I can tell he’s enraged without having to see his face. His fists are clenched at his sides and I can see him taking long hard breaths as if he just ran a marathon.

“Out, Smith,” he growls.

“It’s like that?” Smith asks.

“Yeah, it’s like that. I’ve known you a long time, and I really don’t want to come to blows with you.”

“I know. That’s what so intriguing about this. You’re jealous over a woman?”

Did he just say jealous? Yeah, right. So jealous he got me fired from my job so he didn’t have to see my face anymore.

“All right, I’ll see you at the charity event next month. You’re bringing Chelsea with you, right?”

I hate the shot of jealousy that pierces me when I hear he has a date with another woman.

“Probably. I always do. I’ll see you then.”

I hear Smith exit the room but can’t see him with Bray blocking my view. Scooting out from behind him, I move to get away from him a little bit. A jolt of desire fizzed through my body when he grabbed me. I didn’t think he wanted me, but now I’m not so sure. Is he pissed that I’m causing chaos in his office? Or is he pissed I straddled his friend?

“She’s the one, right there. Get her. Call the cops. I’m sure Mr. Spencer wants her arrested. Look what she did to his office!” Cindy cries out like she can’t fathom what has just happened.

Two hulking men make their way towards me and I stumble back, almost slipping over one of the ornaments I knocked off the shelf. That would have been some insta-karma right there.

“Do. Not. Touch. Her,” Bray growls again. Now that I think about it, everything he’s said since I came into his office has been a growl—so different from his normally calm, self-controlled voice.

Both guards halt in their tracks. For once, I’m actually thankful for Bray’s presence. I don’t want two giant men manhandling me.

“Yeah, Hulk One and Hulk Two. Touch me and you won’t be able to piss for a fucking week,” I taunt.

“Cindy, I don’t recall asking you to call security.” Bray says in his usual controlled voice. He slips off his suit jacket and vest, and lays them over the back of one of the chairs. Then he starts unbuttoning his shirt. What the fuck?

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