By: Alexa Riley

Rita: Looks like you got upgraded. Enjoy!

I smile as I put my phone in my bag and slide on my sunglasses. I guess I’ll just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Chapter 3


Riding in the car, I clench and unclench my hands as I try to release some of the anticipation that has been building for days. I know it’s only been four days since I first saw her picture, but my every thought seems to be consumed by her. Can you be obsessed with someone just from a picture? If you had asked me that a week ago, I would’ve laughed.

Women haven’t been at the forefront of my mind in years. Since I lost my father five years ago, my only thought was keeping the business he’d built thriving. I wanted to make it bigger and better, to make him proud. He loved Breakstone Corp and had built it from the ground up. Sometimes I even thought he loved the place more than his own family.

Now, something besides work has moved into my mind. I’m no longer spending hours going over things for the office. No, I’ve been obsessively searching the internet, looking and re-looking at pictures of Cali Carr. I flex my right hand again, thinking about the ache there. I’ve taken myself in hand so many times to try to ease some of the lust I’ve been feeling. But it hasn’t worked.

Thoughts of her spread out on my bed as I rip those garments from her body plague my mind. As I’d feast on every inch of her lush curves, she’d beg me to take her, but I’d take my time, wanting to taste all of her. Touch all of her soft body. Dig my fingers into her wild red hair as I thrust in and out of her with nothing between us. My cock getting his taste, too.

Fantasy after fantasy played through my mind as I stroked myself over and over again. All it did was give me a sore wrist and a very hard cock that refused to go down.


Maybe once I see her in person, the ache will start to dull. Maybe I’ve build it up to be bigger than it really is.

“Sir, we’re here,” my driver says, pulling me from my thoughts of Cali.

I don’t wait for him to open the door for me. I hop out, anxious to get inside and see her. I’ve never gone to a shoot for an ad campaign. I give my ideas and wait to see the finished project. Sometimes I’ll get updates of what’s happening with them while they’re going on and I’ll add my thoughts from my office. But this is very different.

When I enter the studio, I see Lynn’s face fill with surprise. She jumps out of her chair and rushes towards me. Her short blonde hair bounces with each step as she totters in her ridiculous high heels. She’s extremely short, even in those shoes.

“Sir, I didn’t know you’d be coming. Did I miss something?” She pulls out her phone, probably looking to see if I’d called or sent an email that she’d missed.

“No, Lynn. I’m just here to watch.”

She eyes me, still seeming a little nervous that the boss is going to be watching everything today. “Okay. I’ll get you a chair, or you can have mine.” She points to the chair she just vacated.

“I’m fine. I think I’ll just stand in the back,” I tell her. I want to stand out of sight and watch her first. Get a feel for her and see if I can learn something else about her. I refrained from going to her hotel last night and it almost killed me. I drove by twice and debated going into the bar just to see if she was there.

I’d finally broken and asked my head of security to go in and check it out. If she was at the bar, I was going in. I knew someone would make a move on her if she was there. She is perfect and I couldn’t blame them, but that shit wasn’t happening. From what I could find out, I believe she’s single, but I don’t give a fuck if she isn’t. Whatever she had going on before today is over. She’s here in Los Angeles, and I won’t be letting her go.

I’d let out a sigh of relief when my guy informed me that she was in her room and had just ordered room service and rented a movie. I still made him stay and keep an eye out for her. If she moved from her room, I wanted to know about it. It was then I finally let myself go home. She was here and within my reach. That had helped calm my inner battle a little.

“Oh good, the photographer is here.” I look over my shoulder to where Lynn is looking, and my jaw clenches so hard I’m shocked I don’t crack my teeth.

The photographer looks like he should be on the other side of the camera. He’s young, maybe college-age.

“That’s not happening,” I tell Lynn, looking back at her.

“What?” She looks confused and panic starts to set in on her face.

“He will not be seeing my Cali in her underwear,” I bite out, trying to stay cool, but not caring that I’m giving myself up about wanting Cali. I don’t care if everyone knows. They’ll all know soon enough.

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