By: Alexa Riley

“Okay, Cali. We’re ready for you.”

Lynn, my contact person for Curved Intimates, comes back and informs me. I check over my hair and make-up one last time, then walk out into the studio, ready to work.

The space is big, and the photo shoot is set up at the end of the room. An expansive, wrought-iron bed sits in the middle of the floor. The bed is piled with over-sized, fluffy, white pillows and a white down comforter. It looks cozy, and I’m sure the black lingerie will look sexy against the white backdrop.

“Hi, Cali. I’m Ryan, your photographer today.”

Ryan is a young guy with dark hair just past his ears and pretty blue eyes. I shake his hand, and I like him immediately. His smile is kind, and he makes me feel at ease as he explains what he envisions for today’s shoot. It also helps that his eyes don’t roam. Some male photographers can make you feel uncomfortable, but I don’t think this one is even playing for my team.

“So I’d like to see you on the bed, surrounded by the pillows and blankets. Maybe have you over the edge to get all the angles of the lingerie. I’ve been thinking we could even tie you to the bed for a portion of it, just to push the boundaries a bit.”

I hear an audible growl off to the side, but the lights are so bright that I can’t see beyond them. It’s nothing but black shadows behind the lights, so I ignore it and go back to listening to Ryan.

“The feel today is classic pinup, so the pictures will be softened a bit after they’re taken. I just want to add a little punch to the innocent poses by throwing in some BDSM. Do you think you’d be okay with that?”

The sound of something crashing against a wall has us both turning our heads. But when it’s followed by silence, I turn back to Ryan to see what he does.

He just takes a deep breath like he's annoyed but just shakes his head, turning back to me. “Okay. So let's get you on the bed.”

I go over and climb up, getting in the center. The bed is soft and so are the pillows piled around me, and it makes me smile.

“Perfect. I love the smile. Let me have you up on your knees in the middle. Legs spread and arms above your head.”

I hear another loud crash as I get into position, and I look to Ryan, wondering what the hell is going on. Maybe there’s another shoot next door or something and they’re being really loud. After a second, Lynn comes over and whispers something in Ryan’s ear. He says something back to her, and they exchange words for a few moments. Finally, after what looks like a heated discussion, he nods.

He walks over to the side of the bed as Lynn scurries away.

“Looks like we’re going to have a closed photo shoot, and we’re going to have to adjust some of the poses. If you don’t mind, one of the owners has decided to call the shots, but I want to make sure you’re comfortable with that first. I realize this is a bit unusual.”

The fact that he’s checking with me to make sure it’s okay makes me like Ryan even more. Normally the relationship between the model and the photographer is the thing that makes great pictures. Someone coming between us and dictating how everything goes down might not be something either of us wants. But Curved Intimates is paying me to be here, so it’s not really up to me who calls the shots. If I ever feel uncomfortable, I can walk, and knowing that makes me okay with letting someone else handle things.

“I’m willing to try it if you are,” I say, giving him the reins.

He winks at me and gives me a smile. “Let’s go for it.”

Ryan walks over to the side as a man approaches, and I feel a little weak in the knees. Good thing I’m sitting down. A dark-haired giant of a man comes forward, his eyes locked on mine. His hands are clenched in fists at his side, but he doesn’t look angry. No, this man looks hungry.

Suddenly I’m aware that I’m half-naked and on a bed.

Chapter 5


It takes everything in me not to storm the set and wrap a fucking blanket around her. She’d probably just think I’m crazy, which isn’t too far from the truth at the moment. She’s even more beautiful than her pictures showed. I didn’t know perfection like her was real. I’d told myself that maybe the pictures had been altered or something. That if I saw her, some of this devouring need for her would lessen. That I’d see it was all an illusion. I thought maybe I’d built it up to be more than it really was.

I was wrong. She’s even more beautiful. She’s perfect. I hate that so many people milled around the set just watching her. It was eating at me from the inside out, and every time the fucking photographer opened his mouth, things only got worse. The only reason I hadn’t ripped his head off already was because after I finally pulled my eyes off her, I looked to him, expecting to see the same need I was having for Cali, but there wasn’t lust there.

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