By: Alexa Riley

He was professional, and it cooled a little bit of the rage I felt at another man seeing her like this. It’s fucking crazy, because you only had to type her name into any search engine and anyone could see pictures of her.

But that was before she was mine.

Now, knowing she’s all over the internet doesn’t make the idea of new pictures sit so well with me. Then again, I don’t have to use these photos. These could be just for me. I would own the rights to them and could do with them whatever I liked. The idea of covering my bedroom walls with them flickers in my mind, and it’s just as fucking crazy as everything else I seem to be thinking. I can’t make myself shut the idea down. I have to get ahold of myself or she’s going to run from me.

Taking a deep breath, I start to get my grip on reality and try to pull myself back together. I’ve already punched a wall and knocked over a table that had food on it for everyone to eat. The pastries lay scattered all over the floor, and Lynn is staying all the way across the room from me. She’s probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me. I have a feeling she’s going to tattle on me to Sally and I’ll be getting an earful about this later. It’s worth it.

I motion for Lynn to come over, and she rushes towards me despite her hesitation moments ago. I can see the worry in her gaze.

“I’m not going to fire you,” I tell her, and she visibly relaxes. Shit, I’m an asshole. I’m going to have to give her a raise tomorrow for dealing with this photo shoot, because this won’t work unless we just use a cropped pic of Cali’s face.

“Close the set. There are too many people here.” I look around. It’s mainly just some of the other models, but a couple were eyeing me, and I don’t want them coming up to try to talk to me. I only want attention from one woman, and I don’t want someone else to fuck that up. I also don’t want to lose it if some random security guard or maintenance man walks through. That’d fuck up any chance I have with getting Cali.

I can’t see a woman agreeing to go on a date with a man after she sees him land a fist in another man’s face for looking at her. I want to play it safe. Maybe if she agrees to be mine, some of this jealousy will go away. If she knows I’m it for her like she’s it for me, maybe I’ll feel less tense.

“Of course.” She goes over to talk to the photographer, but I stop her.

“And I’ll be picking the poses and assisting her in getting into them if she needs the help,” I add. The idea of an innocent pinup with a touch of BDSM actually sounds good, but what doesn’t sound so good is someone else binding her. That shit will not be flying.

I’m not even sure I could tie her down right now. If I crawled onto the bed with her, it might be over before it begins. I’d be too close. I’d be able to smell her, to touch her skin. It looks like it’s soft as rose petals.

I take another breath as Lynn heads back over to the photographer. I try to shake the thoughts of rose-petal skin out of my head. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about what a woman’s skin feels like, and worse, I’m comparing it to flowers. Fuck.

I watch as they argue for a minute, then he steps closer to the bed to talk to Cali. I can’t hear what they’re saying, and I take a few steps closer, wanting to hear her voice for the first time. I see her nod as she smiles up at him.

The smile takes over her whole face, and it feels like someone just reached into my chest and squeezed my heart. I want that, to put that smile on her face. I want to see her do so many things because of me. I’ve never wanted something so much as I want this.

I take another few steps towards them, past the lights shining down on the bed. Her eyes come to mine, widening a little. I’m not a small guy, so I’m used to the reaction. I have to have all my suits custom made. I could never just walk into a store and buy something. I often feel like I stand out, especially in the boardroom.

I’m almost six foot six, and I’m built like a rugby player. Before I really made a name for myself and people didn’t recognize my face, I was often mistaken for security.

“Cali, I’d like you to meet Flynn Long. He’s going to be telling you how to pose.”

Her mouth forms a perfect little O shape, and that fist around my heart squeezes even tighter. I want her to like what she sees, but I can’t tell what she’s thinking. I just pray she’s okay with an aggressive man because I’m not sure I can give her anything else. Not with how I’m feeling about her.

I reach my hand out in introduction, stepping even closer to the bed. I make sure to keep my eyes locked on her face. With the light beaming down on her from the set, she looks like an angel.

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