By: Alexa Riley

I should be shocked at how I’m responding to him. I don’t even know this guy from a stranger in the street, but dear God, I’ve never felt attraction like this before. The heat between us is burning me alive, and it just might be the sweetest torture ever.

Flynn clears his throat and approaches the bed. “Do you want me to untie you?”

“No,” I’m quick to say, but the word comes out like a moan.

I turn myself over on the bed and lie on my stomach while my hands remain tied. I feel his eyes on my back, and then I hear his knee on the bed again.

“May I touch you?” His words sound pained, like they’re being ripped from him. Meanwhile, my panties are ruined.

“Please,” I say breathily. I’m panting like an animal in heat, and I’m not even ashamed. It’s as if my body has taken over and I’ve thrown my cares to the wind.

I feel his giant hands on my hips as he effortlessly lifts me to my knees. It’s as if I weigh nothing at all, and the feeling of being lifted by him sparks new dirty fantasies. The zing pulses through my body again at his skin on mine, and I close my eyes and lean into him, trying to get more.

After Flynn puts me in position, he steps away, and I ache for him to come back.

He has me sitting up straight with my tied hands gripping the headboard as I look back over my shoulder at the camera. It’s a very sexual pose, so when I look behind me and lock eyes with Flynn, it feels as if he’s making love to me. The heat that passes between us is too much, and I have to close my eyes. If I keep looking at him like this, I’m going to rip this soaked scrap of lace off my crotch and go hump his leg.

Hearing the camera click, I try to focus on the shoot. I move slightly when Ryan needs a certain shot, but otherwise I concentrate on the job and not on the hunk of meat I want to devour like a starved woman.

Maybe after this is over, I can find a way to talk to him. I want his hands on certain areas of my body for an extended period of time, and I need to find a way to make that happen.

Chapter 7


“That’s yours to keep,” the seamstress says, not even looking up from the items she’s sewing. I was trying to take the bra off, but my hands are still shaking. I stop and take a deep breath, trying to get control of myself. I have no clue what the hell just happened out there.

Worse, I have bitter jealousy shooting through me right now. After Ryan told me we were done, Flynn untied me from the bed and helped me up. I’d edged past him, and I thought he was going to reach out and grab me, but he didn’t. I just slid right by him as Ryan called for another model. Now I’m sure Flynn is out there guiding that model, too. He’s probably tying her to the bed, and I can’t help but wonder if she feels the same things I did as his hands slide across her body.

“Shit!” I curse at my shirt as I try to button it up. I need to get out of here, but my shaky hands aren’t helping.

“Fuck, he’s hot. Is he helping everyone pose?” I hear one of the girls say to another. I look over my shoulder at them. Both blondes. In fact, I’m the only non-blonde here, unless more models are coming in and out, doing different shoots throughout the day.

“He helped pose you, right?” one of the girls asks, and I just nod.

“They wouldn’t let anyone out there when you were up, but it looks like the set has opened back up.”

“I have no clue why they closed it.” I’ve actually never been on a closed set before and was just as curious as the other girls as to why it got closed down. I thought it would be closed for everyone, but I guess not.

“Well, I heard Ryan ask Mr. Long if he was going to pose Cindy, too, so I assumed he posed you. Guess I was right.” She smiles like she’s excited. I don’t blame her, even if I hate her at this moment. I liked having him with me.

“Did you see his hands? If his other parts are even half the size, I’d be a lucky woman to get him into bed.”

I’ve got to get out of here before I lose it. Sometimes I hang around the set after a shoot to see some of the pictures, but no way can I stand around while women go after Flynn like they’re in heat. Not with the way he made me feel moments ago. I liked it. No, like is too soft a word for what I was feeling for him.

It was like I came alive the moment he touched my body. There was just something about him. He had this primal hunger, and I’d felt like he was hunting me. This is not normal for me. I’ve been a model for years. I’ve been around some of the most so-called attractive men in the world, but I’d never been drawn to them like I was to Flynn.

Some had even asked me out over the years, but I always declined. I didn’t want to get a reputation for being a model who slept around. Sometimes that got you mixed in with the ones who would sleep with you for a job, so I kept my legs closed. I’d never even been tempted before, and I didn’t think it was something that would ever happen. I’d always told myself I’d do romantic relationships when I was no longer modeling, but Flynn made me want to throw all that away.

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