Deceiving Her Boss(57)

By: Elizabeth Powers

She smiled softly, reaching out to take Sean's hand firmly between hers. "I love you, Sean. I have for months now, though I didn't realize it until a few weeks ago. Seeing you with that other woman made me realize that I couldn't share you. I couldn't just be a token wife to you. It would break my heart into pieces, and I wouldn't ever be able to put it together again. To be whole again. So that's why I decided to leave. Not because I didn't love you, but because I love you too much."

Sean put his head back and let out the breath he'd been holding. "Thank God," he said quietly. He reached over to the coffee table where Allie had set her ring earlier and picked it up. Dropping to his knee in front of her, he slid the ring back onto her finger and simply said, "Marry me. Be my wife. Have my children. Love me."

Tears in her eyes, she smiled down at the man in front of her. "I will," she said quietly.

"I do."

He stood up then and pulled her up into his arms. Framing her face with his hands, he looked down into her eyes. "I love you, Allie." And with that, he kissed her. A long, seductive, sensual kiss. One that held all of his feelings, all of his dreams, and his heart. And Allie kissed him back.

"Should I cancel the wedding today?" he asked quietly. "Do you want to go home, plan, have a church wedding with all the trimmings?"

Allie laughed. "Oh hell no," she said immediately. "I want to marry you, go play blackjack in my wedding dress, and then come back here and make love to my husband," she stated firmly. "And you? Would you prefer to wait?"

"Oh hell no," he laughed in response. "I want to marry you, watch you win every hand at the card table, use your winnings to buy the best champagne we can find, and then come back here and make love to my wife."

And Allie kissed her boss, and soon-to-be-husband on the cheek. "I just love it when we agree."

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