Devil May Care (The Grizzly MC Book 12)

By: Jenika Snow

Chapter One

Saya sat in the uncomfortable plastic chair, this scene familiar, but one she would never get used to. For the last five years she’d been coming to the prison to see her father. Every once in a while she had been able to actually hug him, feel his warm breath as he told her he loved her. But then there were the times she had to sit behind this plastic, the phone beside her the only way she could hear his voice.

There was a loud buzz and clank, and then she saw her father walking through. The prison guard unlocked him from the handcuffs, and despite the fact she was accustomed to this scene, she hated seeing it.

Lars “Reaper” Hendrix was not only her father, but also the president of the Death Bringers MC. She knew the reason her father was serving all these years behind bars was because of her, even if he tried to make her see it wasn’t her fault … which he did constantly.

But it was her fault.

If she’d only listened to him and not dated that piece of shit her dad wouldn’t be here.

But that was five years ago, and now she had to tell him she was leaving.

Taking a deep breath as she stared at him, Saya knew he’d be happy for her, but that her leaving town would also mean she couldn’t visit him every week like she had.

He grabbed the phone that was beside him.

She did the same, hating the fucking plastic separating them.

“Hey, baby girl.”

She smiled at her dad, and took in the fact he was really starting to pack on the muscle. Reaper had always been a big guy, at a towering six-foot-five and strong enough that she’d always envisioned him being able to pull a tank barehanded. Of course she’d been a little girl when she thought that, but her dad had always been bigger than life, and had always been the person that had protected her.

“Hey, Daddy.” She smiled.

He had a full beard going on, and despite the ugly orange jumpsuit he wore she could see the tattoos that lined his arms, hands, and even neck. His salt and pepper colored hair was on the shaggy side, but his light blue eyes, the ones that were the same shade as hers, looked back at her with happiness and love.

“How have things been, sweetheart?” he asked in his gruff voice.

“As well as it could be going.” Her heart was beating fast and hard, and she knew that although she kind of hated telling him she was leaving, she had to because she knew he wanted her to have a future.

“Well, did you hear anything?” he asked with hopefulness in his voice.

“Yeah, I did actually.” She paused a moment, and he lifted a dark eyebrow.

“Well?” He was grinning.

“I got in, Daddy.”

His grin widened, and he leaned back in the chair, pride clear on his face. “I knew you would, sweetheart.” After a moment of silence and her not responding, his face sobered and he leaned forward again. “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head. “I just hate leaving because I won’t be able to come here every week.”

He made a low grunt, as if what she said wasn’t an issue. “Saya, honey, you going to college an hour away means more to me than anything else. I won’t lie and say I won’t miss you, but I’m glad you will be getting out of this shitty ass town.”

She smiled, but she still knew she’d miss him like crazy. “Daddy, I’m the reason you’re in here, so I feel bad just leaving—”

“Saya,” he said her name in that voice that told her he was serious, that he wasn’t fucking around. He leaned in another inch, his eyes hard. “Baby girl, I know you feel like the reason I’m in here is because of you, that you think you dating that motherfucker after I said not to is the reason he almost…” He stopped and breathed out, the anger clear on his face. “I’m only going to say this once more, Saya. Okay?”

She nodded.

“That fucker is paralyzed from the waist down, and having to eat from a tube, because of what I did to him, and because of what he tried to do to you.” He held her gaze with his for a suspended moment. “He tried to take from you something you weren’t offering, and because of that I took action.”

The night they were talking about flashed through her mind. She’d moved on from almost being raped by that asshole, but on the heels of that was the fact if she’d listened to her father and stayed away from that bad boy vibe she got while with Mal, things would have been different. But Saya had always been into the “bad boys”, had always gone against the grain when she’d sought out someone. It just so happened she should have listened to her father back then.

“There is no point in thinking about the past or that worthless piece of shit, Saya,” her father said with a slight gruffness to his voice.

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