Devil's Cove (Tortured Souls)(117)

By: R.C. Matthews

Her brow arched slightly. She was on the verge of capitulating.

“You can tell me what made you bolt out of the dining room. I’m a great listener,” he continued to coax.

Oh, hell no!

“After coming to your rescue twice in one day, I believe it’s the least you can do.”

Madalyn’s lips twitched and she could no longer contain her smile. The man made an excellent point. She reluctantly nodded her head in agreement. He grabbed her hand, as if afraid she might bolt, and pulled her toward the bar. His smile was contagious—like a child in a candy store with a pocket full of coins.

Madalyn couldn’t help but wonder if she looked like candy.

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Praise for Little White Lies:

“...the passion almost made my iPad overheat!! ... Totally love it; check it out for yourself!” —5 stars, Swirling in My Love for Books

“ part sweet, one part humorous, one part mystery and completely entertaining while heating up the pages with romantic tension that sizzles and sparks.” —5 stars, Tome Tender

“This was a really good, detailed story about quick love, budding friendships and some family issues. I very much enjoyed all the secondary characters that brought great life to this adventure.” — 4 stars, Summer's Book Blog

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