First Comes Love(7)

By: Emily Goodwin

“Just lay down the law,” Katie says. “No sex if he gets a motorcycle.”

Jenny diverts her eyes. “I thought about that, but that not an option.”

“Why?” Katie and I ask at the same time, our minds on a similar wavelength.

“We’ve been kind of trying for a baby,” Jenny says with a smile her on face.

Katie and I burst into excitement, then start bickering over who will be the best aunt.

“It’ll totally be me,” I say. “Kids love animals, and I always have animals. Plus I own every Disney movie and like wearing costumes.”

“But I’m the fun aunt,” Katie says. “I do fun shit all the time.”

“Your fun shit isn’t kid appropriate,” I tell her with a laugh.

“Guys,” Jenny says, still smiling. “Don’t get too excited. I have a few issues that might make it difficult anyway. Colin and I don’t want to get too excited just to be disappointed.”

“What kind of issues?” Katie asks.

“I have cysts on my ovaries and have never had a regular cycle,” Jenny says, her smile fading. “I’ve been on birth control to regulate things, but the doctor warned me it will make things difficult, though not impossible. I stopped taking the birth control, and we’re just seeing if it happens on its own.” The smile creeps back on her face.

“I think that’s reason enough to not get a motorcycle,” I say. “Just guilt Colin into leaving you widowed and pregnant.”

Jenny laughs. “Good thinking.” She shakes her head. “I’m really trying not to stress about it, since stress makes it worse. And,” she picks up her wine, “I’m going to enjoy this while I can. Anyway, how was your date last weekend?”

I raise an eyebrow then glare at Katie, who snickers. “There will not be a second one, I’ll leave it at that.”

“So you’re open to another date this Friday?”

“I think I’m done with the dates for a while.” Really, I’m done with the setups. Because I keep getting set up with people totally incompatible with me, and it’s starting to feel like there is something wrong with me personally when date after date after date ends with a big fat nothing.

“Then this is perfect! Just something fun, no pressure.”

“If he buys me dinner, maybe.” There is no denying I like a free meal.

Katie laughs. “You can almost always bribe Lauren with food, you know.”

“I’m starting to figure that out,” Jenny says. “But seriously. One of my co-worker’s friends just got out of a serious relationship and wants to get back into the dating world.”

“That doesn’t make me want to go out with him,” I confess. “I’m not a rebound type of person.” I consider it. “Or maybe I am.”

“It’s just dinner,” Jenny says. “I met him once. He’s tall, handsome, and just got hired at some big law firm. And I hear he’s great in bed.”

“Fine,” I sigh. “But I don’t hook up after one date.”

“But you’ll go to dinner with him?”

“Yeah, dinner.”

“Great!” Jenny takes out her phone and texts someone, presumably her friend to tell her I’m agreeing to go out with this guy.

“Then no more after this,” I say, talking to Katie, who enjoys playing matchmaker as much as she enjoys chilling and watching Netflix.

“It hasn’t hurt anything,” Katie says back. “And you’ve gotten to go to some pretty swanky restaurants because of it.”

“That is true. And it gives me a reason to buy fancy shoes. I like fancy shoes.”

“See?” Katie finishes her wine and leans back in her chair.

“Dinner and a movie Friday at seven?” Jenny asks me. Wow, that was a fast response. Is the guy that desperate? “You can pick the movie.”

“I do want to see The Last Ride,” I say. “You know I have a huge celeb crush on Aiden Shepherd.”

“Probably don’t bring that up,” Katie says.

“Oh please,” I say with a wave of my hand. “Like I’d even have a chance. Celebrities don’t date regular people.”

“Aiden Shepherd does,” Jenny says. She follows all that celebrity gossip. “He’s engaged and getting married this summer to some girl who’s not famous.”

“That’s not fair,” I grumble. Though I just like the characters played by the actor. I’m a sucker for a villain turned hero in fantasy series. “So tell me more about this guy I’m going out with Friday night.”

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