Fuck Valentine's Day

By: C.M. Stunich

to those of you who were brave enough to pick up a

book with handcuffs on the front cover.

I heart the fuck out of you.

“I'm not going to touch your dick just because you gave me a box of chocolates.” I handed the heart shaped box back to Quinn and tried to step around him. When he put out his arm to stop me, I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. “It's not even Valentine's Day yet,” I told him, totally confused as to why a guy who'd never even spoken to me before was now suddenly interested in providing me with presents.

“No dick touching necessary,” he told me as he handed the chocolates back and smiled. “In fact,” he continued as he stepped forward and brushed a bit of my hair away from my face. “You don't have to do any touching at all.” He paused, grinning wickedly, like a porn star or an underwear model or something. It was dirty, practiced, and totally fucking sexy. “Unless you want to.” And then Quinn turned and disappeared down the hallway giving me a long, uninterrupted view of his ass.


The campus Casanova was hitting on me.

The question now, of course, was why. Why, after all this time, was he suddenly interested? Was it because Valentine's Day was right around the corner and he didn't have a date? Nah. I shook my head and clutched the box of chocolates to my chest. Guys like Quinn didn't give a shit about Valentine's Day. Besides, there were a hundred girls that would throw themselves at his feet if he even bothered to toss a glance their way.

With a sigh, I continued down the hallway, convinced that men were a different species altogether, one that I would never understand. I was so busy thinking about Quinn and his sharp, blue eyes that I ended up running into a big, broad, delicious chest. The candy flew out of my hands, suspended in the air like a cluster of chocolate rain drops and fell to the floor at my feet.

“Sorry,” I mumbled as I knelt down and started to scoop them up. I didn't want to admit it, but I was kind of sad about my Quinn candy. It was my only real hope of ever nibbling on anything that came from a boy like him … Quinn Prentis. Sigh. Waaaaay out of my league, box of chocolate or no.

“No, it was my fault,” said a soft-spoken voice from above me. I glanced up, and up, and up. It was Preston Ellis, the nerdy guy from my calculus class. He was dressed in a hunter green sweater over a white button up with a burgundy tie underneath. He had pretty eyes, but they were hidden behind a pair of thick, black glasses. His face was strong, masculine, all hard lines and edges. Drool worthy. “Please, accept my apologies,” he whispered as he knelt down and used his notebook to shovel the rest of the chocolates into the box top. “I'll have to give you some later.” He looked over the top of his glasses at me, brown eyes crinkling slightly around the edges as he smiled. I was assuming he meant chocolates, but if he wanted to give me something else later … I shook my head to clear it.

“No, um, that's alright, but thanks.” I am way too horny for a virgin. Or maybe because I am a virgin? God, I need to get laid. We stood up in unison and paused awkwardly next to one another.

“Sorry,” he said again as a group of giggling girls burst into the hallway and split around us like a wave. “See you around.” Preston ducked away to my left, head down, books tucked under his arm and suddenly, I felt this sharp pinch on my ass. I spun around, but there were so many blonde haired, blue-eyed volleyball players that I was having a hard time seeing who might have done it.

Oddly enough, it never struck me that it might've been Preston Ellis.

I trudged to my calc class, rubbing my ass and contemplating all the reasons that Quinn Prentis might have decided to give me a box of chocolates. We had a ton of classes together, but that didn't mean he knew me. Hell, I didn't even think he knew of me. I was sort of forgettable sometimes. I had legs for days sure (modesty – not one of my traits), but my hair was long and brown and boring. My eyes were moderately sized and my lips were flat.

“Maybe he thinks I'm an easy lay?” I said and unfortunately, the words were not confined to the depths of my thick skull. That's right, I said them out loud. I flushed a nice shade of pink, something that would look real nice on a Valentine's Day card, and slipped into the nearest seat before anyone could look up and see what idiot was blathering their ridiculous thoughts for all the world to hear.

I glanced around surreptitiously, trying to catch sight of either Quinn or Preston. A little eye candy never hurt anyone after all. Besides, if Quinn really was interested in me, wouldn't he be looking for me, too? Then I found him and realized how stupid I was being. My rational mind jumped in there with a nice, little quip. This is why we turned him down, Princess. I told her to fuck off as I watched Quinn hit on a pair of coeds in the back row.

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