Fuck Valentine's Day(3)

By: C.M. Stunich

“What's my name?” I asked finally, convinced that if he could at least get this, I'd go. I so wanted to. Quinn was … Quin was wow. Every girl on campus (and several boys) knew his name and they all wanted to fuck him. If they said otherwise, they were lying. He bit his lip and nibbled it for several moments before snapping his fingers.

“I don't know your name per se, but I know you're the super hot chick that usually sits in the front row of our lit class.” Quinn threw me his sexiest grin from a mouth full of super white teeth. It made the lines of tattoos on his neck shift, drawing my attention to the color that crawled up the sides of his throat in artful swirls. It was a good trick, but not good enough.

“Sorry, Quinn,” I said and then turned on my heel and tried to hide behind the row of pink chocolates. He followed me and stood close by, pretending to be interested in a gold box with a red bow on the top. I moved around the other side of the shelf, into an aisle full of stuffed animals. I only lasted thirty seconds there because the purple bears with kissy-faces scared the shit out of me. I went back to the candy aisle. Quinn was still there. “Stop following me,” I hissed at him as I picked up an abandoned hand basket and started tossing candy into it. Quinn turned to face me, the chains hanging from his belt jingling as he moved.

“Sorry,” he said as he turned away. “Just buying a present for a beautiful girl.” And then he disappeared around the corner. I sat down on the floor and put my hands over my face, dragging them down slowly as I tried to wipe away some of my stress. This is why you're still a virgin, I told myself as I looked up and came face to face with a display of half priced Hershey's Kisses. I grabbed three bags.

A few seconds later, Quinn came back around the corner with the chocolates, a receipt, and a condom tucked under the bow on top of the candy.

“This is for you,” he said as he sat the present down on the floor next to me. As he stood up and moved around the corner, tight, sexy body disappearing from view, I called out to him.

“Andrea Fisher,” I said, and he paused, laying one hand on the white metal shelving next to him. “Andi for short.”

“Thanks, beautiful,” he said and then he was gone.

I woke up an hour late and blew a big test in biology because I spent all night masturbating to Quinn Prentis and wearing fuzzy, plastic handcuffs that I bought at the store. I kind of felt stupid handcuffing one of my wrists to the headboard, but I did it anyway and had the best orgasm ever.

“Thank you, sir,” I said as I unhooked myself and shook out my sore arm. I threw on a pair of white and blue striped pajamas and waddled down to the kitchen, just a tad sore down there from my new dildo. It was called the Randy, and it was my special friend on nights when I didn't have a warm body next to mine (that's every night).

My friend/roommate, Genevieve Pares, was busy necking with her fuck buddy, Lance, on my couch. They kind of did other things on my couch, so I was always covering it with towels and such to catch juices, and inevitably all my other friends would ask, “Why the fuck do you have seven towels covering up your couch?” I never quite knew how to answer that question.

“Hey guys,” I said. They ignored me which was okay because they sort of did this often. I kind of liked to think of them as people I could confide in. You know, the really good couple you could tell everything to because they're both your friends? Well, except for the fact that they never heard what I had to say. Oh, and they weren't a couple. That's okay, I made do. I just told new acquaintances that my boyfriend's name was Randy and my best friends were Genevieve and Lance and nobody asked otherwise. “I was thinking of going on a date with this guy, Quinn Prentis, because he's like … ” I pulled a gallon of milk from the fridge and dropped it when Genevieve moaned like a wild animal. White liquid shot out everywhere, making me even more depressed for the upcoming holiday. That's the only white liquid that I'm going to see spraying across my kitchen.

“Lance! Lance! Lance!”

“Anyway,” I continued as I grabbed a rag and started wiping up the floor. “Quinn is seriously the hottest guy I've ever seen, and I didn't think I had a chance with him, but … ”

“Genevieve, ride me, baby!”

“Oh yeah, you know it!”

“He actually seems interested in me.” I threw the rag in the sink and picked up the empty milk jug, tossing it into the garbage can next to the counter as the couch springs started to creak. “I just don't know … I kind of wanted to keep my V for someone special.” I sighed and traded my cereal bowl for a plate. Guess it was toaster pastry time again.

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