Fuck Valentine's Day(6)

By: C.M. Stunich

I stared at it for a long while, thoroughly convinced that secret admirer was way less creepy than stalker.

Rational Andi: Lampshade.

I ignored her and went about my day with the dick pic in my back pocket.

I woke to a very loud, very raucous knock at my door. I rolled over and groaned, assuming that Gen and her boy toy were busy fucking against it. Wouldn't have been the first time.

“Andi, there's some super hot guy here to see you.” And then she gave me a very gracious five seconds to react to the news, roll over and squint at the door as it opened and in walked Quinn. He was wearing a black tank that showed off his beefy shoulders and various skull tattoos. He had plugs in his lower earlobes today and a beanie on his head, covering up his Mohawk do. Little bits of red hair stuck out the front like bangs.

“Sorry,” he said as he made a sort of grimacing face at my current state, all sleepy eyed and disoriented. “But your friend said you were in desperate need of something and that I should come up here?” I tried to glare at Genevieve, but she was already gone, probably scouting out her next boy. Or girl. Gen swung both ways.

“Um,” I struggled to sit up and felt a strange pull in my shoulder. Pain rocketed through my body making me scream out in pain. It felt like Scar Face was behind me, twisting my arm into a very awkward, very uncomfortable position.

“Shit!” Quinn said as he leapt to my rescue and … unhooked … my … handcuffs. He held the furry purple plastic cuffs in one hand and stared at me with his baby blues. I was sitting with my teeth clenched, arm lying across my knees as I tried to breathe through my nose. I fell asleep with them on again. Masturbating to … the dick pic. Wow, this is awkward.

“There's a rational explanation to all of this,” I explained as Quinn stared at me and a rictus grin spread across his smooth face. He might've been the 'bad boy' archetype, but he didn't have quite as nice a face as Preston, not as manly. Quinn had a rounder jaw and smoother cheeks whereas Preston had a nice, strong jaw and bones sculpted by the Gods. And you're comparing them why? Why are you even thinking about Preston Ellis?

“You like to get your kink on, right?” Quinn said and then he kissed me. Just leaned over the bed and kissed me. He started off with a bang, too. There was none of that sweet, romance-y stuff where we like, tasted each other's souls or anything. He just shoved his hot, slick tongue in my mouth and started Frenching the shit out of me.

Rational Andi: Kick this bitch's ass! Who the hell does he think he is?

Horny Andi: I am feeding you cyanide first chance I get. Shut your damn mouth. This guy is HOT.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Quinn's neck, pulling him down between my knees where I could feel his hot, hard body very clearly against mine. He had an erection that was poking me through the thin blanket that separated us. Did I mention I wasn't wearing any panties? Kind of took 'em off to masturbate. I had brief thoughts of remorse that Quinn wasn't my Mystery Man and vice versa, but decided to roll with it for a second. I mean, Quinn Prentis was kissing me. Seriously, how cool was that? Granted, I had turned him down before, but that was only because Rational Andi was in control. Now that that bitch was poisoned, I could finally get a nibble of this boy with the hard ass and the sexy growl that he was not afraid to use as he reached down and unbuttoned his pants.

Rational Andi: I'm not dead, yet, bitch. Get a grip on yourself, seriously.

I struggled to say something to Quinn, anything at all. No words would come out, just moans as he freed his cock from his pants and proceeded to rub it against my clit through the blanket. Is this dry humping? I wondered and then, No, this is at least wet humping. Oh my god … Wet humping … Yes!

“You are so hot, beautiful,” Quinn said as he pressed his mouth to mine and knocked our teeth together. It was kind of hot. “Hottest calc babe I know.”

“I'm not exactly a babe,” I said and then, “Oh!” as Quinn started nibbling my ear. I reached my hands under his shirt and felt along his muscles. They were rock solid and slick with just a bit of sweat (probably because Gen left the heater on all the damn time). I explored his shoulders and upper back, dragged my nails along his flesh, and opened my legs. Quinn didn't move the blanket though, just kept his rhythm going until we were both moaning like alley cats.

Bang! Zip! BAM!

“Holy shit!” I screamed as I came, wrapping my legs around Quinn's ripped midsection, squeezing his body in a vice grip between my thighs. He paused for a moment while I shuddered in his arms, throwing my head back into my pillows and making a complete ass out of myself. When I was finished, I had tears in my eyes, not from an emotional response or anything but just because it felt so damn good.

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