Good Girl Gone Plaid:The McLaughlins, Book 1(84)

By: Shelli Stevens

“One minute.” Her muffled call came out husky and a little breathy through the wooden panel. When she opened the door her burgundy suit jacket hung open, a lace-edged camisole in the same color peeked out.

His blood surged with heat.

“What are you doing here? How’d you get through the gate? Did you follow me?”

Driven by instinct, Jace stepped inside, grabbed her hips and backed her to the entryway wall. His mouth descended to hers. His tongue plunged into her warmth.

Misty’s hands gripped his shoulders. Her body arched against his. She mumbled against his lips. “The door’s still open.”

Taking her response as acceptance, he stretched a booted foot behind him and nudged the door closed. No longer caring about her nakedness, at least not for the first time, Jace hitched her skirt to her waist. She released him long enough to take off her thong while he stripped off his boots and jeans and pulled a condom from his wallet.

“You’re prepared.”

“A military man always is.”

“Because you have a woman in every port?”

“Some do. I didn’t.” He eased her jacket off so she stood before him in only her satin and lace camisole and stilettos. From her pale brown eyes to her swollen lips, her fist-sized perky boobs with erect nipples, to the tips of her stilettos the woman was walking sex. And she was his for the night. “Now stop talking.”

“Make me.”

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