His Streets & My Heart 2

By: K.C. Mills


“Hell yeah I’m serious,” Menken damn near yelled through the grin on his face.

“What’s going on, Dre?” Q looked at me strangely, trying to figure out where my head was at.

“We’ll talk; we need to head out though. Menk, you can follow us to the hotel and we’ll talk there.”

“Aight, bet,” Menken released casually.

After Menken left to get his rental, Q went in with the questions. “So Si took out Mackie and Marley? That wasn't the original plan. What changed?”

“Hell yeah. Long story short, he was on some fuck shit, Si found out about it and handled that for us, but let's roll. We can talk when we get to the hotel.”

Q nodded and we made our way over to Kenz and Bri. The four of us loaded up in our rental and started towards the hotel. The parking lot was full of vehicles, but everyone was inside the club so we didn't have any issues with bystanders or unwanted attention, which was the last thing we needed.

“What’s going on, Quran? You guys rushed us out of there like something was about to go down.” I was driving, so I could see Bri in the rearview mirror while she faced Quran, waiting for an answer. She had been with him long enough to read his behavior, so it was natural, that she sensed something was up.

“Nothing, we’re good.” I knew from the way Q answered that he didn't really want to go into details with Bri.

“Are we?” Kenz’s question threw me a little.

“Are we what?” I asked, even though I knew that she was feeding off Q’s answer to Bri about the fact that things were good, but I wanted her to clarify.

“Are we good?” Kenz confirmed, but didn't seem moved by the situation or concerned that she needed to fear anything. In fact, she appeared to be totally relaxed as she leaned back against her seat, head turned slightly towards me so that she could see my face.

“You’re with me, so we’re good,” was all I said, before I lifted my hand and let the back of it slide down her cheek. She nodded and offered up the sweetest smile that had my head gone. That damn smile of hers was going to be my downfall.

When we arrived at the hotel, Menken pulled in right behind us. Me, Kenz, Q and Bri got out, just as Menken walked up. He was on the phone with someone in his organization, based on what I could hear from the conversation.

“Bri, you and Kenz head up to our room. I need to holla at Dre and Menk about a few things so we’re going to Dre’s room.” Bri looked at Q for a moment like she wanted to protest, but she let it go and then accepted the room key he held in his hand. Q kissed Bri, I pulled Kenz into my body and tasted her lips as well, and then the girls headed towards the room.

When we made it to my room, Si was leaning against the wall waiting outside the door. Dressed in all black, he displayed the appearance and vibe of some type of special forces or operative. I kind of chuckled to myself because he was doing the most, but I assumed it was necessary.

“Where the hell your ninja ass come from?” I asked Si before I opened the door and let everyone in.

Si wore a smirk because of my response to his look, but kept his eyes on Menken who was already checking Si out.

“I can't be good at what I do, unless I move in the shadows,” Si confessed with a cocky demeanor, after we were all inside.

“This is Menken, he’s family,” Quran addressed Si, when he noticed that his focus was on Menken. Q then turned to Menken. “This is Si, Kenzie’s brother.”

Menken stepped up and extended a hand towards Si, which he accepted and relaxed a little. Everyone seemed cool with introductions at that point, which prompted Menken to address our current situation. “So I hear you just freed up some territory for me.”

“I guess you can say that, but you better move fast. As soon as word hits that Marley is no longer active duty, then his people are going to be feeling themselves and trying to step up.

“Already on it. Trust that,” Menken offered up confidently.

“I’m heading out in a minute. I just wanted to check in before I go.” Si turned and was now focused on me.

“We’re good on this end. Flying out in the morning, but we need to talk when I get back.”

Si looked at me questionably. “Aight. Well hit me when you land and we can do that.”

Now that that was handled, my next move was handling Kenz’s father. With or without Si’s permission, he was about to be dealt with. It would just be a lot easier with Si on my side. Either way, I was going to do whatever necessary.

Si said goodbye to everyone and then left, not wanting to chance running into his sister, so me, Q and Menken discussed Menken’s plans.

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