Lane Brothers(250)

By: Kristina Weaver

Miah and Clari finally got married last year. They have Josh and a daughter, March, with another on the way.

Wyatt and Ellie have three little rascals—Al, Betty, and Hannah.

Jace and Trace are the proud parents of little Poppy May Lane, the apple of her daddy’s eye.

Paulie and Jared have a new baby on the way, and I am genuinely overjoyed about that after she miscarried in the second month of her first pregnancy.

They went through a trying patch, for a while, but as Pop always say, Lanes endure.

“You know, we could so totally let Will have Mason for an hour and go play nooky in the store room.”

I snort and look down at my belly and the humungous size of the rest of me with a raised brow that makes him blush. I got this way exactly eight months ago to the day after he came back from a mission all locked and loaded, thanks to being away three weeks and an extra two days when a hostage taker tried to run.

Now I have a kid in my belly to prove that a husband who is happy in every aspect of his life is apparently a beast in the sack.

“Lane, if you can fit me, you, and the belly in that tiny little room, I will cave to anything your wicked heart wants.” I snort, pursing my lips in challenge.

That earns me a grin and I’m giggling like a schoolgirl after he whispers into my ear and races me to the store room.

“I love you, Lane,” I whisper when he proves to me that he is a genius and gets us in that position I didn’t think I was capable of anymore.

“And I’m yours.”

- END -

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